Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: There’s so much beauty around us, for just two eyes to see

Josiah in black and white via the Oaxacaborn blog

Countertop in kitchen via Oaxacaborn

Aveline at breakfast in Ikea highchair via Oaxacaborn

Iced Tea via Oaxacaborn

Tattered corner of magazine via Oaxacaborn

Schleich rabbits via Oaxacaborn

Poetry & Words

WRITING & WORDS :: Life eats up words, sometimes.

Words toss and tumble around in my head, and as I pick up Cheerios off the floor and tell the curious toddler to please stop banging her sippy cup on the furniture, I mentally line up the words and phrases.

But then, when it is finally still and quiet, I look at the clock and wonder where all the minutes have gone. I sit down to write, and discover I cannot remember any of the words my mind wrote hours before.

And then I realize it’s okay, because the words have been eaten up by life. Beautiful, vibrant, loud, wonderful life.

[Image taken on a rare cold day earlier this year.]