This spring, both Western Easter and Eastern Pascha are marked on my calendar — a week apart, a world apart, yet united as one. It’s fitting. I’ve always had one foot here and one there, floating as it were between the culture of my passport and the culture in which I was raised.

I bought a little green book of ancient Christian writings, and have been slowly reading through the dancing words as the seasons ebb and flow.

And this green book, on the page marked Resurrection, these words penned between 347 and 407 AD jumped out at me–

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Monday's Pretty Things


You know what’s better than Monday’s Pretty Things? Monday’s Pretty Things on a WEDNESDAY! The week is already half-over, and we’re well on our way to Easter. I can’t wait!

(I want to make eat those little bunny cookies.)

SS13 ORANGE CUTEBOYS CLARKS DESERT BOOTS via Eley Kishimoto as seen on Monday's Pretty Things on Oaxacaborn dot com
Desert Boots via Eley Kishimoto

Easter Rabbit cookies via Virgnie Jolie-The Happy AppleRabbit cookies via Virginie Jolie/The Happy Apple on Flickr

The Cranky Princess by Heather RossThe Cranky Princess via Heather Ross

Linen Quilt via Pony Rider
Linen Quilt via Pony Rider

Bunny by Elina Lorez as seen on Oaxacaborn dot comBunny via Elina Lorez

Pan American World Airlines - Mexicana de Aviacion - Oaxaca Mexico Travel Poster from 1960s as seen on Oaxacaborn dot comOaxaca Mexico Travel Poster from 1960s via Old Imprints

P.S. Even more Monday’s Pretty Things.

Little Style

Aveline’s First Easter

3 month old Aveline - Baby's First Easter - Dress from The Children's Place

my little sweetums has not one, but two easter dresses for her first easter. spoiled much?! or just the perks of being the first and only grandchild on both sides of the family? in this picture, she’s wearing the rosette floral dress (complete with crinoline!) from the children’s place. isn’t it lovely? aveline says thank you, grandma susan and great grandma catron.