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TRAVEL :: Costa Rica with Tico♥Tina: A Stop on the Summer Vacation Tour

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Today we’re leaving Europe briefly to virtually travel to Latin America. Our guest blogger has a lot to say on the topic, especially when it comes to Costa Rica…


Tico♥Tina - Top 5 Things to Love About Costa Rica

A little more about Tina
My husband is half Tico (Costa Rican), and grew up there until he was 20 years old, when he came to the States and promptly met me! :) Our love story is, of course, a long one with many ups and downs, but we eventually made it! And now we’re a passionately creative multicultural family who believes everyone should live an adventure. We’re on a mission to inspire people to go after their dreams, and we’re sharing our crazy journey on our blog, hoping to encourage others along the way.

Being self-employed and location independent has allowed part of our journey to be Costa Rica, where we have spent two of our winters so far on some pretty great “workations”. I wanted to feature Costa Rica because I hope to someday have dual citizenship there! My husband is already a citizen of both Costa Rica and the United States, and on our trip this past winter we went through the process to make our kids dual citizens as well. So now I am the only one in our little family who isn’t Costa Rican, and I can’t wait to change that :)

Tina’s top five things to love about Costa Rica

Why is Costa Rica a completely awesome and amazing country?

  1. It’s so DIVERSE! You can go to the mountains, the beach, volcanoes, or the jungle all within a couple hours of each other. There is a compelling mix of extravagant luxury and extreme poverty that constantly confounds and fascinates your senses.
  2. It is BEAUTIFUL. Insanely, breathtakingly, amazingly beautiful. God really pulled out all the stops when he created Costa Rica :)
  3. The FOOD. We live for garden season here in the States, so being able to go to the feria (farmers’ market) with its huge smorgasboard of fresh fruits and vegetables every Saturday is one of the highlights of living in Costa Rica!
  4. The pace of LIFE is so refreshing compared to the insanity of living in the US. I don’t really quite know what it is, because it’s not like Costa Ricans aren’t busy, but somehow it’s so much easier to relax there. Just the fact that they tend to have a coffee break every afternoon? Yeah, that :)
  5. It’s SEXY. Seriously … sorry, I don’t know how else to say it :)

Tico♥Tina - Top 5 Things to Love About Costa Rica
Tico♥Tina - Top 5 Things to Love About Costa Rica
Tico♥Tina - Top 5 Things to Love About Costa Rica
Tico♥Tina - Top 5 Things to Love About Costa RicaFeel free to come visit us at Tico♥Tina and follow our myriad adventures!
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