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‘Natural World Workshop’ Gouache Painting Review

'Natural World Workshop' Gouache Painting Review

Our homeschool tends toward the colorful and the eclectic. We’re over here doing copywork in Prismacolor and jazzing things up by printing assignments on neon paper. Art projects, shelves of books in rainbow order, and primary-colored Lego bricks abound. Even when everything is tidy and cozy and organized, there is color.

In the summer, I take color for granted. But as the year creeps on and monochromatic gray takes over the landscape, I find myself craving color’s rich gifts more and more. Color brings hope, cheer, and has the power to transform.

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INSPIRATION :: Interactive Design Website of the Day:

Wow. Have you seen the Djeco website? Djeco is a Paris-based children’s toy and game company, and their site is just too cool to keep to myself! Take a few moments to click around the interactive screens, the details will surprise and delight you.

Screen Shot of Djeco website - Interactive website with illustrations and unique design

And don’t miss the selection of fantastic desktop wallpapers like the one below; you can view them by clicking the “Goodies” tab on the website.

Djeco desktop wallpaper - whimsical illustration and design