Take the Diverse Summer Reading Challenge (FREE printable)!

Expand your horizons with this FREE diverse summer reading challenge (includes a printable tracker)

Are you looking for global and culturally diverse summer reading ideas for your kids? Do you want your kids to…

  • …stretch their reading legs outside of their usual North American comfort zone,
  • …tackle topics they haven’t before,
  • …open their eyes to the marvelous diversity found everywhere around us,
  • …turn their attention to countries and cultures with which they aren’t super familiar,
  • …celebrate this great big global world God created,
  • …learn about non-European food, music, art, inventions, and holidays,
  • …enrich their perspectives with culturally diverse reads

…and ultimately, grow closer to Jesus and better learn to love their neighbor?

You need to download our FREE global reading challenge!

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These culturally-expansive book categories were chosen by a diverse panel of Christian homeschool moms.

Our multi-racial homeschool co-op, @restorationscholé, created this amazing FREE summer reading challenge, and I think you’re going to absolutely love it. Over the past several weeks, I worked together with my co-director @_bethanyhoover and Restoration Schole parent @marielhowsepian (she’s a public school educator and a homeschooler!) to compile an incredibly clever list of reading categories. I haven’t seen another challenge quite like this! This summer, kids are invited to..

  • Read a book about math / science in a non-European nation
  • Read a book containing ingredients not for sale at your local Walmart
  • Read a book with a holiday your family doesn’t celebrate

and many, many more!

Stop right now to see the full list, and download the FREE diverse summer reading ideas printable, here.

If you’re stuck for ideas of books to fit various categories, I list a few ideas below– but I’d also like to invite you to ask friends who might have different reading habits than you. Ask friends to share favorite books from their heritage or culture!

Favorite Diverse Reads for Summer Reading (books translated from Chinese, books by Indian-American authors, and more!)

  • Bronze & Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan
    • This is a 2021-2022 Restoration Scholé modern literature selection. Originally published in Chinese, and set in rural China during the Cultural Revolution. Lyrical and immersive.

I absolutely love stepping outside my world into other cultures and realms through books, don’t you? For even more ideas for diverse reads, head over and browse my Amazon storefront, here. I’m constantly updating it with more and more books.

Download our FREE global reading challenge printable!

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Happy summer reading!