Ah, dalahästar (that’s the plural of dalahäst…I think).  I love them. Is it cliche? I don’t even care!  : )

Giant OUtdoor Dala
Dala horses in the snow (perhaps at Skansen Park?) via Hasenohr on Flickr

Cross stitch Dala
Cross Stitch Dala via Kitschn Stitchin

Dala Horse print
Dala Horse Print via Red Stuga on Etsy (based in Minneapolis; where else?!)

“How Swede It Is” Dala Horse and Kanelbullar Magnets via Red Stuga

paper mache dala horses
Papier Mâché Dala Horses via Posh Chicago

Henning Trollbäck’s Dala Horse Poster via Fine Little Day

Dala Zoo
Dala Zoo (Giraffe and Moose) via Hildas Hem

Chalk Dala
Chalk Drawing of Dala Horse via Dirtsas Studio on Etsy

Dalahäst-tillverkning (Dala Horse Manufacturer/Factory) Sign Liz Highleyman on Flickr

Copper Dala Horse via Fischer Fine Arts on Etsy

via Oaxacaborn on Instagram
A Dala horse vignette in my home.

Want to decorate a Dala horse — or maybe introduce your kids to this creature? Here’s a great FREE printable Dala horse template from Make Learning Fun! You might also be interested in this video of how Dala horses are made, or last year’s Dala horse round-up.

God Jul!



Dala Horse via Monki Vintage
Vintage Dala horse, previously available via Monki Vintage

Advent Calendar and Dala horse via casa di falcone blog
Christmas Dala horse via Casa di Falcone

Trädgårdsflow Black Dala Horse
Black Dala Horse via Trädgårdsflow

Dala Horse Christmas Card
Dala horse Christmas card, previously available on Tokyo Pear

røde og hvite emmelines
Red and white dala horses via Emmeline’s Blogg

Unusual Dala horse collection via a maison d'anna g
Unusual Dala horse collection via A Maison d’Anna G

Solid red Dala horse via Solid Fog blog
Solid red Dala horse via the Solid Fog blog

Scandi shabby chic dala horses - all white - Princess Greeneye
Shabby chic all-white Dala horses via Princess Greenye Antiker Landchic

God Jul card by JenniferJohansson on Etsy
God Jul Dala card by JenniferJohansson on Etsy

Anna Viktoria modern Dala horse tea towel via Kings of Sweden

Anna Viktoria modern Dala horse tea towel
via Kings of Sweden


SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS :: The Making of the Swedish Dala Horse

Carved wooden horses have been a part of Swedish culture since the 1600s. The distinct shape as we know it today was introduced in the 1700s, and the iconic paint pattern came along in the 1800s. Dala horses were even sometimes used as payment! But it wasn’t until 1939, when a Swedish architect created a huge Dala horse for the World’s Fair in New York, that the popularity of the dalahäst really took off.

[If video player does not appear, click here to view.]

Oh, I know they aren’t a traditional Christmas decoration. But they’re traditionally Swedish, and just happen to be come in very Christmasy colors. So why not? There are no rules about how you can decorate for Christmas — make the season your own, and let the decor reflect your own personality, style and heritage.

Want to contribute to the 3rd Annual Scandinavian/Nordic Christmas Series? Click here to find out how!

Christmas, Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Red, White and Christmas

A day late, yes, but here are the images I’ve found inspiring this week. Just 12 days until Christmas now!

Red, WHite and Silver Painted Deer Antler - Candy Cane - via Maya Jade Creations on Etsy

Candy cane striped deer antler in red, white and silver via Maya Jade Creations on Etsy

Mormor - Faroese Grey and White Baby Toddler Sweater - Handmade Alpaca - via Orfeo

Traditional faroese sweater, in 100% organic fairtrade alpaca. Handknitted in Denmark by Mormor, via Orfeo

Zephaniah 3-17 sign via Aimee Weaver - Distressed Wooden Sign with White Typography

Distressed wooden sign with Zephaniah 3:17 typography via Aimee Weaver

Norwegian Advent Calendar Jul Kalendar via Beates Verden

Jul Kalendar (Advent Calendar) via Beates Verden

Sparkle Gold Ballet Flats on White Wooden FLoor - via Moa Og KaffeKoppen

Sparkle gold ballet flats on white wooden floor via Moa Og Kaffekoppen

White on White - Wire Stars, White Lace Doilies, White Ceramics in White WIndow - via Le Dans La Blog, France

Wire Stars in Window via the French blog Le Dans La

Dala Horse Bunting via All Sorts

Red Dala Horse bunting strung up on mantle via All Sorts

swedish weaving via kstyleshonan on ravelry

Swedish weaving via Kstyleshonan on Ravelry