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This Corner of Wednesday is the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

1000px - Silhouette of geometric garland in window via Oaxacaborn
Black and white interior via Oaxacaborn
Chinese lantern lights and Girl with Pearl Earring by Vermeer via Oaxacaborn

Outside, the sun shares the stage with the ragged-edged clouds, like an old shadow puppet show.

Inside, lego pieces click into each other and climb higher, building a tower which rises higher in imagination than it does in tiny reality. Johnny Cash strums on his old guitar, and sings through the decades, through record scratches all the way through to internet streaming.

I tap my foot without realizing it, as I pull laundry from the dryer and pile it into a basket, a colorful tangled-up heap of he-and-she-and-small person. There’s the lingering aroma of coffee and lavender, of biscuits and clean clothes.

There are dirty dishes in the sink and the bed is unmade and the couch pillows are on the floor, but I hum along and Aveline dances and this corner of Wednesday is the most beautiful place on earth.

Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Aveline’s Room Tour

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m hitting the ground running this morning. My dear sis-in-law arrives in a few days for a week-long vacation, so I’m whipping the house into shape.

As I was tidying Aveline’s room — and doing laundry, and singing along to The Lumineers, and stopping Aveline from throwing away all her broken crayons — I realized I haven’t posted a tour of her room in a long, long time. I was going to wait until I finished the big “Forever Young” typography piece I’m designing, but I’ll just share that later when I’ve finished it.

Here’s her eclectic little room!Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Huge framed canvas of Paris, bunting, paper lanterns, blankets over chair and doll
Framed canvas of Paris: Ikea || Felt bunting: handmade || Paper lanterns: leftover from my birthday years ago || Sweater: handknit by Auntie Lauren || Heart-shaped glasses: a gift from Bumpa (Grandpa Jim) || Curtains: Ikea || Dresser: Ikea || Doll: Goodbye Blue Monday
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - California map and page from vintage children's book
California map: AAA || Page from vintage bookLittle Miss Heirlooms
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Original portrait washi taped to wall
Original portait of Aveline: Blue Egg Illustration || Washi Tape: Michaels
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Pages from a Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter book washi taped to wall
Pages from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit: Target || Washi Tape: Michaels
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Handmade fabric bunnies and cat and a Lotta doll in her bed
Mouse: Starbucks || Pillowcase: Handmade || Lotta Doll: Amazon || Cat and Bunnies: Handmade
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Changing table in closet converted to book and toy storageCurtains: Handmade from twin sheet || Circle Canvas: Hello Hue || Corduroy Top: Tea Collection || Baskets: Home Goods || Changing Table: Passed down from Josiah’s family

Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Corners of our Home at the Start of 2012: Instagram Snapshots

I’ve been busy this month cleaning, sorting, and de-cluttering — a really great start to 2012! Here are a handful of snapshots from around the house, snagged from my Instagram feed.

View from our bedroom, looking out into the living room. Taken the first night back in Florida after Christmas vacation

This is the cozy view through our bedroom door, looking into the living room. I took this the first night we were back in Florida after Christmas break.

I really want to leave these lights up forever. It's always so sad when they're taken down after Christmas.

I think I’d like to keep these lights up forever. It always seems so sad and dark in January when the lights are packed away.

Top of my dresser with London grid art via TexturedINK on Etsy. I need to pick up some frames so I can hang these prints!

The top of my dresser –the amazing London grid art is from TexturedINK on Etsy (and I won it via a giveaway on the Happy Interior Blog!) I really need to pick up some frames. I’ll have to post some additional photos once I get the art hung properly.

Seriously, is there anything better than salsa?

I mean, really, is there anything better than salsa? I’ve been eating it with every meal lately.

Working on the first Japanese-inspired creature of 2012. This will be in the shop later this year. The first one is for Aveline's first birthday!

I worked on this little Japanese-inspired creature over the weekend. Aveline will get this particular one for her first birthday (which is on the 19th. THIS MONTH. Ahhhhh!), and I’ll list subsequent ones in the Oaxacaborn shop. (Did you see the kawaii plush I made her for Christmas?)

A rare cool fog which makes me miss the California coast like crazy.

This morning’s rare and heart-breakingly beautiful fog made me miss the California coast something awful. Someday, someday.

Just got these three strands of beads in the mail from Nakate Project. LOVE this cause!

And oh yes, last by not least, my new Nakate Project beads. I love that purchasing these beautiful necklaces helps women in Uganda eat properly, put a roof over their heads, send their children to school, and start small businesses. (P.S. Right now the ENTIRE Nakate store is 50% off when you use the code NEWYEARSALE.)

Full disclosure: Yes, I am the Systems Administrator for Nakate, but I’m not being compensated in any way for my posts about them. I talk about Nakate often because it’s important to me, not because I have to. :)