First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Fika is essential. How else could you get through the daily slump, the brick wall, the sleepies, if not for elevensies, fika, coffee with sweets?


Fika London, that most…design-y…of all coffee houses, gets it right with this one. (Who wants to be a dull horse?)

FIKA London, kannelbullens on a Donna Wilson plate with glass of milkAnd okay, they kinda nailed it with this one, too. Swedish kannelbullen, er, cinnamon buns, anyone?

Fika is never consumed on the run. It’s about stopping to breathe, and recharge. [image via the Kitchn]

97aaf1d2ea96a693e74e4eca28a825a2Swedish coffee isn’t served strong, but light and thin, so you can keep on pouring refills all [long, dark] afternoon long. (image via DimeStoreVintage on Etsy)

Just don’t add egg to mine, thanks ;))

Herz Allerliebst - Coffee and Star Anise and Cinnamon and Stars
And it isn’t just coffee alone. It’s coffee + sweets. Maybe you’ll have some spiced coffee with tiny ginger stars? (Image by Herz Allerliebst, via Nadine on Flickr)

Or maybe coffee in the prettiest enamelware (via, and more gingerbread stars.

fika_red_enamelwareMore kannelbullen — and more enamelware, which to me is so quintessentially a part of the whole fika experience. (Image via What’s for Lunch, Honey?; Swedish kannelbullen recipe via Craft and Creativity.)

Even though it’s fast approaching the busiest time of the year, how did YOU pause for fika today?

[image via The Faux Martha; Salted Nutella Latte]


INSPIRATION :: Spring/Summer 2015 TOAST UK Catalogue

Ah, springtime, and with it, another delightfully styled Toast UK collection. I love the specific feeling each of these catalogues evokes, and Early Spring + Spring/Summer 2015 Toast edition is no different. Can’t you just feel the strong, early morning Mediterranean sunshine pouring in through the windows and smell the percolated coffee wafting across the sleepy air?

Toast UK Early SS15 House and Home Lookbook -- Wooden tray, metal coffee percolator

Toast UK SS15 House and Home Lookbook -- Patterned bed linens

Toast UK SS15 House and Home Lookbook  -- Grey cushion covers

Toast UK SS15 House and Home Lookbook  -- Colorful and unusual bathroom towels

Toast UK SS15 House and Home Lookbook  -- Teapot and ceramics

Toast UK SS15 House and Home Lookbook -- Stools with colorful hairpin legs

Toast UK Early SS15 House and Home Lookbook -- Stack of quilts

Toast UK SS15 Women Lookbook  -- Baskets on a donkey

Toast UK SS15 Women Lookbook -- Linen Button-down

Toast UK SS15 Women Lookbook  -- Desert Sunrise

Toast UK Early SS15 Women Lookbook -- Mediterranean Style

Toast UK SS15 Men Lookbook -- Wooden Sunglasses

Can’t get enough of TOAST UK? Me neither! That’s why I’ve been posting these round-ups every year since 2010. You can keep on looking through the TOAST archives, or go directly to a particular season in the list below.




A routine break in the day for coffee and sweets is a good thing to have as a part of the zeitgeist, no? In Sweden, these coffee breaks are called fika. And Cereal Magazine has a few photos of a Swedish-inspired cafe called just that.

(P.S. Want to see how Dala horses are made? There’s a video here!)

Monday's Pretty Things


How is that I have not yet done a coffee edition of Monday’s Pretty Things? This essential needs no introduction, so without further ado…

DRINK COFFEE Do stupid things faster and with more energy

This postcard makes me laugh, even though I see it every single morning — it’s taped onto our coffee jar. (Note that this is one of the very rare times I will post an image on my blog without a link back to the source. I’m a firm believer in properly crediting the artist, as explained in Design*Sponge’s informative piece, How to Credit.)

Keep and Drink Coffee - Keep Calm Shop on Etsy

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee via the Keep Calm Shop on Etsy

Ah yes, an absolute classic.

Christina Holm-Sandok, president and creative director for Style-Architects

Image of Christina Holm-Sandok of Style-Architects via Glitter Girl 

(P.S. If that was me in the morning, the clothes would be Christmas flannel pants and a hoodie…and the dog would be a Papillon ;-)

Homemade Mocha Coconut Iced Coffees via How Sweet it Is Blog

Homemade Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee via How Sweet it Is 

When you click on the link you have to scroll way, way, way down to get to the decadent recipe for that coconut mocha. Now, who’s making me one tomorrow morning?!

A morning without coffee is like sleep. Print by Jan Skácelík

“A morning without coffee is like sleep”, a print via Jan Skácelík

I don’t understand people who don’t drink coffee.

Do You Know How I Feel - Exploding Dog - Coffee Humor

“Do you know how I feel?” coffee comic via Exploding Dog

I burst out laughing every time I read this comic. Because it’s ludicrous? No, because it’s absolutely and completely true, Chaaa’lie (said in my Lola voice.)

I measure my life in coffee spoons. -T.S. Elliot  Vol 25 Art

“I measure my life in coffee spoons”, a T.S. Elliot quote print via Vol. 25

This quote always reminds me of a snippet of lyrics from “Seasons of Love”, the only Broadway song I like.

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights
In cups of coffee…”

London Coffee in Paper Cup via Green Kitchen Stories

London Coffee via Green Kitchen Stories

Now, I’m off to bed so I can wake up and have my coffee!