CHRISTMAS :: 7 Inexpensive and Beautiful DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

This is the way I package orders for my shop, all year ’round. I love the simplicity and textures, the freedom to make the flags neon or neutral or a combination of both — and I love the fact that the little strand of pendants can be carefully untied and hung up somewhere in the recipient’s house.
Oaxacaborn Packaging

Here are a few of my other favorite ideas for wrapping Christmas presents inexpensively and easily, using kraft paper, fabric scraps, coffee filters, paper bags, twine and yarn, and newspaper. (You can find rolls of brown kraft paper at dollar stores, in the shipping section of office supply stores, and in the moving boxes section of home improvement stores.)

These examples are all so pretty, and at the same time simple enough to actually be achievable.

Floral Dot Ribbon from Knot and Bow -- More Ideas on Beautiful and Inexpensive Gift Wrap on the Oaxacaborn blog
Torn Fabric Ribbon via Knot and Bow on Etsy

Unbleached coffee filters as wrapping paper via The Creative Mint -- More Ideas on Beautiful and Inexpensive Gift Wrap on the Oaxacaborn blogUnbleached coffee filters via A Creative Mint

Felted Balls and Twine on Brown Paper Bags as Packaging  - Audrey Smit for The French ImportBrown paper bags via Audrey Smit for The French Import

Dictionary Wrapping pages via Sweet PetulaDictionary pages as wrapping via Sweet Petula on Etsy

Newspaper wrapping via MOA OG KAFFEKOPPEN -- And many more ideas on inexpensive and creative wrapping via the Oaxacaborn blogNewspaper wrapping and pink tape wrapping via Moa og Kaffekoppen

Burlap and Kraft Paper Wrapping - PHOTOGRAPHY SAM MCADAM STYLING GLEN PROEBSTEL for Home Life Australia
Brown paper wrapping via HomeLife Australia