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POETRY & WORDS :: The Candle Tree

The Candle Tree, Illustration by Maia Larkin of The Voyagers for Babiekins Magazine

“Everyone’s Christmas tree is different. Some people have a quiet tree with tiny twinkling lights, silvery tinsel, and fluffy white snow. Other people have neon trees with bright garish bulbs, twitching and blinking against the backdrop of Santas in Hawaiian shirts, and elephants wearing antlers.

But when I was a little girl, our Christmas tree was very different.

Our tree was dotted with cookies.

And candles.

Candles with fire…”

To continue reading my story about Christmas in the former Yugoslavia, go to page 36 of the Babiekins Magazine gift guide.

(The accompanying illustration was created by Maia Larkin of The Voyagers, and is available here.)