INSPIRATION :: Two Foreign Films I Highly Recommend: The Story of Qiu Ju (Qiu Ju da guan si) and Together (He ni zai yi qi)

If you love foreign films, or just plain love movies, then you need to watch these two Chinese films!

The first, The Story of Qiu Ju (Qiu Ju da guan si), is a comedy. In addition to the humor, it’s worth watching for the visuals alone. I loved the footage of rural China. (As of March 2012, you can get The Story of Qui Ju via Netflix DVD)

Qiu Ju da guan si The Story of Qui Ju Movie - Foreign Movie Recommendation - Chinese Film Recommendation

The second, Together (He ni zai yi qi), had me crying happy tears at the end! I won’t give away any of the plot, but this movie is as good as it gets. Truly. You must watch it! (Currently, March 2012, you can stream Together via Netflix Instant.)

He ni zai yi qi Together Movie - Foreign Film Recommendation - Chinese Movie Recommendation

Peiqi Liu stars in both movies. He’s such a good actor. Watch them both and you’ll be amazed by his very different character and performance in each!