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LITTLE STYLE :: Serendipitous Granny Chic

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Intarsia Cardigan
Dolce & Gabbana Floral Intarsia Cardigan via Neiman Marcus

J Brand Jeans Floral Twill Skinny Jeans
J Brand Floral Twill Skinny Jeans via Neiman Marcus

Cole Haan Girls' City Chukka Bootie
Cole Haan Girls’ City Chukka Bootie via Bloomingdales

I started out looking at Target’s clearance section to see what kind of summer shoes* they had for Aveline (yes, I know it’s February, but someone forgot to tell Florida).

But the internet on Saturday night is a dangerous place, and before I knew it, I had fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole. When I looked up from the marvelous whirl of colors and patterns, I saw I’d pinned these three items to Pinterest, all in a row.

Very serendipitously granny chic for a little girl, don’t you think?

*Summer shoes? In the end, I couldn’t stray far from my heart: classic Salt Water sandals. Anyone have a pair of gently worn toddler size 6 Salt Waters they’d like to sell me? ;)

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: Neutrals and Pattern Mixing

Little Style - Toddler Jeans and Cardi - Neutrals- via Oaxacaborn dot com
I love a good, neutral outfit for my girl. With the right shoes — she’d wear sparkly Converse with these — she still looks feminine, but (thankfully!) doesn’t look like a Disney princess exploded in her closet.

I have a similar outfit in my own closet; I pair it with heels in the summer and tall black boots and a black scarf in the winter.

Little Style - Toddler Pattern Mixing- via the Oaxacaborn blog dot com copy
I’ve loved mixing patterns since long before it was a “thing”. Now that it’s in, I have an excuse! I love how the solid green skirt creates a visual break between the two patterns. (Well, actually, the real reason I include the skirt here is because I’m adamant about teaching Aveline leggings are not pants. She might be a member of the under-two set, but the rule still applies. Seriously!)