ADOPTION :: “I am not ‘for’ international adoption. I am not against it.”


“Philosophize eloquently about how children are better left in their native cultures and I will tell you from shared experience that children in orphanages do not live the culture of their country, but the culture of an alternate reality that only exists in institutions…

I am not ‘for’ international adoption. I am not against it. I am ‘for’ children having loving parents and being in homes where they have a support network. I am against children growing up in dormitories with change-out caregivers. I am against children being left without help simply because a legal definition of adulthood, in whichever country we are talking about, has been reached. ” -John M. Simmons

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POETRY & WORDS :: When she draws, she flies

Old table in corner near window with knotted curtain



This is Aveline’s little art space — our old 1940s table, tucked into the corner of our apartment, with big windows all around it. At any given time, the table is covered with large pieces of paper, spiral-bound sketch pads, tiny blank books, stickers, markers sorted by color, bits of crayons broken in half, and a few plastic animals scattered across the table. There’s almost always a fedora and a hula hoop hanging off the back of one of the wooden chairs.  There’s a pendant from her baby shower and stars from when she turned two.

And there’s a view, too, because if you duck down and look through the windows at just the right angle, you see a tree instead of a toll booth, an exit ramp, a chain link fence, or other apartment buildings.

When she sits here, wearing an old gingham pinafore which used to be mine, she counts to thirteen skipping five, and she draws letter A’s and numby 2’s and letter Z’s and circles and faces and eyes and airplanes.

When she draws, she flies to a world far, far from here.

I hope she can always get lost this way.


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INSPIRATION :: How YOU Can Help an Air Force Family Adopt a Child

I want to introduce you to my sweet friend Tina and her beautiful children (her Air Force husband, Erick, is not pictured). I’ve known Tina since I was, oh, maybe 11 years old or so? She runs Green by USA out of their home in South Dakota, he’s nearing deployment again, and they are part-way through the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia.
Tina Jensen image by OCD Photography
Jensen children image by OCD Photography
Recently, she held an online auction stocked entirely from items donated by friends and family — and all the winning bids combined resulted in $700 toward their adoption fund! There’s another auction coming up in April, and I want to help her make this one even more successful than the last.

I know many of you who read this blog own small businesses or have a handmade shop. Can you help me by donating an item to the auction?

It’s very easy to participate. Just email me,, the following information:

  1. A photograph of the item you wish to donate to the auction.
  2. A brief description of the item.
  3. The starting bid amount in USD $.
  4. Links to your Facebook page, website, and/or shop.

We will send you a link to the online auction when it is live (sometime in April) so you can spread the word to your circle of friends. Once the auction has ended, we will let you know the name and mailing address of the winning bidder, so you can package and ship the item on to them. That’s it!

And if you don’t have any items to donate, would you be willing to share this post instead?


Image Credit: Justine Luetschwager of OCD Photography

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: Neon Wayfarers and Tasseled Scarf

(A great big thank you to the kind folks over at ZOOBUG who sent these gorgeous sunnies to Aveline!)
2 - neon wayfarers and large scarf on small child

1 - neon wayfarers and large scarf on small child


GLASSES: Fluo-Pink Wayfarers c/o Zoobug
OWL BELT: ej sikke lej, a gift Auntie Lauren brought back from Denmark
SCARF: Target women’s section
LONG-SLEEVE WHITE TEE: American Apparel c/o Wittlebee
SKINNY JEANS: Levi’s, a gift from Grandma

Monday's Pretty Things


Foxes are absolutely and completely EVERYWHERE. What do you think of this trend — love it or hate it?

fox mask via her flying horses on etsy
Fox Mask via Her Flying Horses on Etsy

Fox illustration via Nan Lawson on Etsy
Fox illustration via Nan Lawson on Etsy

Scion Mr Fox via John Lewis
Scion Mr Fox via John Lewis

Fleet Foxes poster by Alvin Diec
Fleet Foxes poster by Alvin Diec

Children's Play tent with Fox via Snail Candy on Etsy
Children’s Play Tent with Fox via Snail Candy on Etsy

P.S. Even more pretty things.