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Monday’s Pretty Things :: The Bright & Cheery Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve popped into say hello. It’s been cah-razy around here! On Thursday, Josiah came home from work all feverish and sick. He’s been home ever since. Meanwhile, Aveline decided it was time for a second tooth.

I am plumb.tuckered.out.

Iparralde - the French Basque Countryside - Cannelle et Vanille
Iparralde – the French Basque Countryside via Cannelle et Vanille

Isn’t this so gorgeous? Cannelle et Vanille is one of the most beautiful blogs you’ll ever read.

Japanese Inspired Canarian tote - Crochet masa bag - how to

Japanese-inspired Canarian Tote via Artemis Adornments (Crochet how-to here)

I think I’m going to make these. Apparently, it’s just a crocheted rectangle that’s then folded and stitched into place!

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls - ApplenAmos on Etsy
Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls via Apple N Amos on Etsy

Such fun wooden toys in this shop! The less plastic around the house, the better, says I.

Giclee Giraffes via The Paper Nut on Etsy
Giraffe Print via The Paper Nut on Etsy

This cheery print makes me want to go to the zoo.

Or maybe I belong in the zoo. You don’t want to know it took me nearly two hours to compile this post. I checked on my sick husband. Changed Aveline. Fed her. Opened the windows for some fresh air and a cross-draft. Set her down near me in a comfy little nest of blankets and toys. Started uploading photos. Started writing. Then Aveline made a mess. Required a bath. Necessitated a load of laundry. Demanded food. Gave herself an oatmeal facial. Nearly required another bath. Fell asleep face down on my lap.

Will you believe me if I tell you I looked like this girl the entire time? ;-)

 Shoshanna Gruss photographed by Rachel McGinn for Matchbook Mag Issue 5

Shoshanna Gruss photographed by Rachel McGinn for Matchbook Mag Issue 5

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