Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: That’s Why They Call it the Blues

I’m not quite sure what to call this shade of blue-green, other than beautiful. Maybe a combination of ice blue and pale turquoise. I apparently like it paired with neutral shades of white, tan, and light grey — I didn’t even realize that until I saw all these images next to each other!

This is one of those colors I like a lot, but don’t currently have represented anywhere in my home. Can you relate to that with certain colors, too?

The Solitudes - Penguin Cover by Designer Eric White
Penguin book cover by designer Eric White

Carry-All via PanacheBox
Leather Carry-All via PanacheBox

Polar Bear via Miss Malagata
Polar Bear via Miss Malagata

Recycled sari blanket by  JEANETTE FARRIER as seen on 51 Stars Paris
Recycled sari blanket by Jeanette Farrier via 51 Stars Paris

Astranzien Styling Anne Beckwilm Foto Janne Peters
Photography by Janne Peters; Styling Anne Beckwilm via

Typographic Embroidery via Rosalind Wyatt
Typographic Embroidery via Rosalind Wyatt

Let's Hold Hands as We Grow Old by Arian Armstrong
Let’s Hold Hands As We Grow Old” by Arian Armstrong on Etsy

lieschen mueller
Outfit by Lieschen Mueller

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