INSPIRATION :: How to keep reading Oaxacaborn after Google Reader dies July 1

It’s true, Google Reader is disappearing on July 1.

Are you still reading this blog in Google Reader? Eep! I’d hate for you to be suddenly disconnected from Oaxacaborn when Google Reader is no more. (Each of you is so important to me! It’s sounds cheesy, but it’s true.)

Fortunately, you don’t have to start over from scratch. You can easily move all the content you currently have in Google Reader — all the blogs and RSS feeds you already follow — into Feedly! Feedly offers a one-click Google Reader import.

Alright Google Reader users, I’ll give you a moment to switch over to Feedly now….What to use instead of Google Reader

…well, that was quick and painless, wasn’t it?

Oh, wait. Maybe the above didn’t apply to you.

Oh dear. Was it all really THAT boring?

Changing to Feedly once Google Reader dies isn't THAT boring


CHRISTMAS :: A Fun New Blog Discovered in the Blogosphere – Scandinavian Christmas

I just stumbled across a delightful gem of a blog called (no big surprises here) Scandinavian Christmas. According to the bio, it’s written by “A Swedish-Norwegian family who lives in the very north above the polar circle, and blogs about our favourite season.” It’s brand-new this year, so be sure to go back to the first post (October in the archives). I’m honestly surprised this blog isn’t more popular!

Scandinavian Christmas - new Christmas blog

(Click on each of the photos below to see the original post).

First Snow - Sweden - Scandinavian Christmas

Indiska Christmas items on Scandinavian Christmas blog

Swedish coffee and bread - Scandinavian Christmas

It’s still 14 days until Christmas, so there are sure to be more great posts from this blog over the next couple weeks. You can visit the site directly, grab the Scandinavian Christmas RSS feed to add to your readers, follow Scandinavian Christmas on Bloglovin, or follow AnnaLinda’s Pinterest boards!

[Update: I’m planning a special Scandinavian Christmas series in 2012.]