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WRITING & WORDS :: i love you so much it hurts: a letter to aveline

Oaxacaborn - baby Aveline Alenka - black and white baby portait - close upmy precious, precious girl,

i love you so much it hurts. you’re sleeping now, in the next room, and every once in a while i run back into the room just to look at you. that hasn’t gotten old yet, and here you are 10 weeks old this wednesday. you changed everything when you were born, lovie, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

you’re pure joy. i love the way you smile so widely your eyes are nearly closed. i love how you look so intently at daddy when he’s talking to you, and love how you imitate the sounds with your tiny little painted-on cherub lips. you bring us so much happiness, baby girl. we prayed for you, love, we definitely did. and God answered our prayers and gave you to us. you’re our aveline alenka, our radiant, full-of-light, wished for and longed for child. that’s what your name means, you know.

you are a beautiful miracle. i can’t believe how fast you’re growing. it seems like just yesterday you were impossibly tiny, your hands hidden in the sleeves of the newborn shirts and your waist too tiny for newborn pants. and now here you are, reaching for the ruffled hem of your sundress and putting it in your mouth.

speaking of the sun — you’re not so much a fan of that, yet. you scrunch up your face and arch your back when the sun hits your little face. but the wind, oh, you are mama’s girl for sure in the wind. you happily let it wash over you, looking out into the world with those gorgeous eyes of yours.

and now, baby, your tiny cries from the next room are calling to me. i’m coming to get you, baby. coming to hold you, and change your diaper, and feed you, and love you always&forever.

always&forever, baby. always&forever.


your mama.

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