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Aveline’s New Simple White Dress

After looking at all those beautiful early 1900’s baby clothes in yesterday’s post, I was determined to cross “sew Aveline a dress” off my list of creative goals.

I traced one of Aveline’s dresses onto paper, then used that paper as a pattern/guide to create this new dress. My mom had given me the white cotton, and I already had the daisy fabric (it was a little remmant I found on a sale rack). It’s a little summery, I know; but we live in Florida, so we’ll definitely still be wearing white after Labor Day.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! (Just please don’t inspect the stitching too closely.) As a very beginning sewer, this a big accomplishment to me — even though it might seem like no big deal the sew-my-family’s-entire-wardrobe-while-grinding-flour-from-the-wheat-berries-I-just-harvested types. ;-)

Aveline in a handmade white cotton baby dress with daisy trim

Baby in vintage-inspired dress handmade from white cotton

Aveline in handmade vintage-inspired mod dress in white cotton with daisy trim


unexpected colour-coordination from anthropologie, ikea, urban outfitters & more

Anthropologie Latte Bowls - Urban Outfitters Plushy Owl - Ikea Thread Set - Studio Gear Star Dust Powder - Pumpkin Patch Infant Newborn Girl Sweet Pinny - Anthropologie Fleur-De-Lys Tumbler in Chartreuse

as i was sorting and putting away some of my lovely Christmas gifts, i found it quite delightful how all these items were unexpectedly colour-coordinated! aren’t they just so pretty?

1-anthropologie latte bowls
2-urban outfitters plush owlet
3-ikea sy sewing thread set
4-studio gear star dust shimmering powder
5-pumpkin patch sweet pinny
6-anthropologie fleur-de-lys tumbler

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