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LITTLE STYLE :: Delightful Map Dress from Mini Rodini

While researching* for my latest Get the Look post for the Babiekins Magazine blog, I came across this from Mini Rodini. Isn’t it just delightful? Ah, makes my heart happy. :)
Mini Rodini Map Dress
*said with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: How to Dress your Kids Like Dick and Jane, on the Babiekins Magazine Blog

Good morning, lovelies! This week’s children’s fashion feature is vintage-inspired. Click on over to the Babiekins Magazine blog to see how to dress your kids like Dick and Jane!
Olive Juice Amelie Dress and Bailey Shortall - How to Dress your Kids like Dick and JaneShown: Amelie Dress and Bailey Shortall, both from Olive Juice


Custom Striped Elephant Hat for Baby :: Or, The Blog Post which Took Months to Publish

I know some of you blogging whiz kids craft your posts weeks in advance and neatly schedule them so *poof!* a shiny new post magically appears every morning.

And then some of you scribble your post ideas on a piece of paper, write a grocery list on the other side of the paper and then accidentally toss the whole thing after shopping. (Right? Please tell me I’m not the only one?) Well, the idea for this particular post was lost on the back of that grocery list. It’s truly, truly, embarrassing.

So long ago that he’s probably outgrown it, I made a custom elephant hat for a sweet friend’s son. My design drew heavily from this painting which is on his bedroom wall.

Elephant painting in boy's nursery

Elephant Hat - Striped Boys Hat

The little man’s momma sent me the sweetest handwritten thank you card, and some adorable (ahem, handsome) photos of her son modeling the hat.
Elephant Hat Modeled by Little Boy
Elephant Hat Modeled by Little Boy I’m fairly confident the incredible squeezable-ness of his cheeks makes up for how long it took me to post this. ;-)

Life in Photos

The Many Poses of Aveline

Apparently, the wooden chair + sheepskin is my favorite backdrop for Aveline snapshots.  Although, I may have created a monster. She makes all kinds of faces as soon as I pull out the camera.

This week, she started walking (watch out world!), and is also suddenly affectionate! Although she never was much of a snuggler, lately she’s been giving out dozens of hugs each day, and even pats me on the back when I pick her up. Her little cheek next to mine, and her little tiny breaths on my neck…heaven. 

And she is seriously one LOUD child. She never.stops.making.noise. Proper words are few and far between — mum-mum, papa, and peesh (please) — but why bother talking when you can just shriek?

Oh, how I love this little ham!

Baby in jeans and The Childrens Place calico shirt, sitting on sheepskinAveline, in polka dots with pinky up, on chair

Aveline in pajamas in chair, clapping

Aveline in Baby Yooper tshirt, leggings and skirt, on chair

Aveline in What Happens at Grandma's Stays at Grandma's shirt, on chair

Aveline wrapped in sheepskin, on chair

Aveline huge smile holding up sheepskin, on chair

Aveline holding up sheepskin, on chair

Aveline in sweater set and skirt, on chair

Handmade, Life in Photos, Little Style

My camera would have captured stillness, quiet wind

Aveline 2 - with mustard yellow handmade hat and jellycat bunny

Aveline - with mustard yellow handmade hat and jellycat bunny

Aveline - with mustard yellow handmade hat and jellycat bunny

Aveline profile - with mustard yellow handmade hat and jellycat bunny
I didn’t carry my camera with me everywhere, this weekend. But if I did, the photos would have captured Aveline giggling as she reached out her hands to her papa, and then to me, and then to her papa again, delighted that she figured out how to be passed quickly between us.

They would have captured the wrinkled up expression on her face as she tasted a French fry.

They would have captured the deep boom of drums during a Japanese cultural performance we just happened to stumble upon during an afternoon walk.

And then, they would have captured stillness.

Quiet wind.

Early sunset and the ensuing wintry darkness which wrapped around the house like an old, familiar friend.


“Factory Second” Baby Owl Hat // Size 3mo // $10pp

Owl Ear Flap Hat - 3 months - Oaxacaborn - FOR SALE $12 postage paid

This little handmade earflap hat won’t be listed in the Etsy shop, since Aveline wore it twice back when it still fit her. It’s made from two strands of orange and green cotton with a cream bouclé strand woven in. Due to the bulky stitch, it has a couple of slight imperfections (you can see a few gaps between the stitches in the photo above). The owl is fashioned from recycled felt and is securely handstiched with vintage silk thread.

The hat will fit size 3 months as the hat circumference is just over 15 1/2″ unstretched. I’m selling it for $10 postage paid — first come, first serve!