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Social Enterprises, Homeschooling, and more in the Latest Print Issue of Babiekins Magazine

Babiekins Magazine - Trendsetting Kids Fashion Magazine for Children and Parents - Summer Print Issue 6

Over this summer, I had the privilege and honor to be a part of two more cover stories in the latest print issue of Babiekins Magazine! (Is that cover pure happiness, or what?) I want to give a big shout out to my incredible team — Kelly Roper Photography, Elizabeth Pettey Photography, Priscila Barros, Leslie Schor Creative, and Liz Jacob of Yellow Finch, all of whom worked tirelessly (and sleeplessly!) to make this issue a reality. You ladies rock!

The first story I wrote for this issue is all about the founder of Isabel Garretón, Inc., an incredible trail-blazing immigrant woman who was producing socially conscious garments long before eco-fashion was a business trend. I really enjoyed talking to her about cultural identity, what it means to really “feel American”, and the complicated issues which accompany managing a social enterprise.

I also was able to share my thoughts on homeschooling as a part of the big Creative Education special feature in this issue. As you know from reading my blog, I don’t think homeschooling is the only option, nor should it always be approached as a lifelong option.  For us, it’s the path we’ve chosen for the time being, almost entirely because, despite studies like this, Florida state law is an absolute stickler about the cut-off ages for entry to kindergarten — or any other grade.

So, we’re homeschooling, although I don’t always approach it from a traditional homeschooling mindset.  In this Schoolkins article, I talk about this eclectic perspective, my own positive experience being homeschooled as a child, and how I think it’s important to look outside the homeschool circle and plug into the community at large. I also share my somewhat controversial thoughts on the harm of downplaying academics.

I hope you’ll be able to pick up a copy in your local bookstore; otherwise, you can always order a copy directly from Babiekins as well.

Rug c/o Rugs USA, one of the sponsors of an upcoming education-themed #schoolkins interior design editorial, premiering soon on Babiekins Magazine

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My Decision to Step Down from Babiekins Magazine

Copy Editor Gina Munsey's decision to Leave Babiekins Magazine

After two wonderful years, the time has come to leave my post as Copy Editor for Babiekins Magazine. There are no hard feelings involved, just a season coming to a close — as seasons are wont to do.

My time with Babiekins has given me the privilege of seeing my words on bookstore shelves — a dream I have had since I was fifteen. Nothing can replace all I’ve learned over the past two years. But even more than that, this experience has given me the opportunity to connect with scores of talented people all over the globe, and it’s those personal relationships for which I’m most thankful.

As I say goodbye to my editor role, I’m also saying hello to my newest project, Lenka and the Fawn. Lenka is a brand-new online children’s clothing store based around the concept of bringing European childhood to the United States. I’ll be launching the website in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my creative endeavors; you, readers, are more encouraging than you know.

And Priscila, a huge thank you to you for all you’ve done — I am so thankful for our friendship and wish you and the team nothing but the absolute best!


INSPIRATION :: Babiekins Magazine Print Issue Hits Stores June 24

Babiekins Print Issue 2 - Available on newsstands 24 June 2013Mark your calendars, ladies and gents! I’m excited to announce the newest PRINT issue of Babiekins Magazine is set to hit newsstands June 24! It’ll be available ’round the world (Barnes & Nobles, Books-a-Million, and select Target stores in the US), but if you can’t find a copy in your part of the globe, let me know and I’ll help you find one.

For this issue, I interviewed some of my very favorite Instagram mamas — Whitney Reeder @whitneyreeder, Deborah Gordon @apieceofcake82, and Claire Moir @dancelittleliar (thank you ladies!)

I also talked with Sue Kleine @sueshine about her precious autistic daughter Sammy Lu in one of the most heartwarming interviews I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. On the fashion front, I chatted with Katherine of the American children’s label Wovenplay — and oh yes, Aveline’s airline travel antics make an appearance in these pages too.

And the photography this time around? Just plain-old gorgeous. Wait until you see Deb Schwedhelm’s editorial!

There’s more, but I wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises, would I? Suffice to say the amazing people who put this issue together are quite possibly the most talented and creative magazine team out there (why yes, I am biased.) I’m so delighted to be a part of a project like this!

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: How to Dress your Kids Like Dick and Jane, on the Babiekins Magazine Blog

Good morning, lovelies! This week’s children’s fashion feature is vintage-inspired. Click on over to the Babiekins Magazine blog to see how to dress your kids like Dick and Jane!
Olive Juice Amelie Dress and Bailey Shortall - How to Dress your Kids like Dick and JaneShown: Amelie Dress and Bailey Shortall, both from Olive Juice

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WRITING & WORDS :: My Story “Little Miss Green Thumb”, Published in the Spring 2012 Issue of Babiekins Magazine

Have you read the gorgeous spring edition of Babiekins Magazine?  I definitely squealed when I saw the fantastic illustrations Rosy Designs did for my story “Little Miss Green Thumb”!

Little Miss Green Thumb - Illustrations by Rosy Designs - Story by Gina Munsey - Babiekins Magazine Issue 8 Page 151

Little Miss Green Thumb - Illustrations by Rosy Designs - Story by Gina Munsey - Babiekins Magazine Issue 8 Page 153

Thank you, Babiekins Magazine! It’s thrilling to see my name under the “Writers” heading. I’m ecstatic for what this year will bring. (Have you heard, readers? The Fall issue will be in print, like, IN BOOKSTORES!

So, so exciting.)

To read my story, which is located on pages 151-154, go to Babiekins Magazine, click on “Table of Contents” in the upper left hand corner, then click on “Little Miss Green Thumb” in the fourth column.

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Published in Babiekins Magazine!

Christmas Underwraps by Gina Munsey Illustrated by Munieca in Babiekins Magazine Issue 7

November started off with a bang — getting published in Babiekins Magazine! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of such an amazing issue. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? The blog was recently named to’s Top 50 Best Design Blogs for Moms, in the fashion category.

The newest issue is full of wintery goodness. My story, which is on pages 221-224, (Click on Table of Contents, then choose “Christmas Underwraps” from the third column) was delightfully illustrated by the talented Andrea Sardo of Munieca.

I hope you’ll check out this issue — it’s so fun!

November Photo a Day - Monthly Photography Challenge - Pear

Another fun thing this November — the Monthly Photo Challenge is in full swing again! Here’s the full list of November’s photography topics so you can jump in. During the last two challenges — June and August — I only managed 16 and 22 pictures. So maybe the third time’s a charm?