Life in Photos

aveline alenka is 16 weeks old

baby aveline alenka - 16 weeks old

baby aveline alenka - 2 days old - hand crocheted cotton hat - lime green and pink

can you believe it? sixteen weeks already. i took the top photo this morning as she was lying on her quilt, looking at me with those huge eyes and impossibly squishable cheeks, melting my heart. she’s amazing. she babbles away non stop, and is becoming shockingly mobile (rolling and scooching and doing the worm).

she never stops moving. and she smiles dozens and dozens and dozens of times per day. she’s such a happy baby, and she’s growing up so fast. even looking at the other picture, it’s hard to believe she was ever just two days old. it seems like yesterday she was that tiny, but it also seems like a lifetime ago.

i can hardly remember what it was like before she was in our arms. i’m treasuring every single moment–even the sleepless ones.