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I’m the Senior Editor of Babiekins Magazine, and also work as a Branding and PR Consultant for Babiekins Media, specializing in copywriting and editing. I listen to your vision, then make sure every single aspect of your brand — your corporate bios, your product descriptions, your ‘About Us’ page, and your social media captions — is unified in one recognizable brand voice. Email me!  [Note: If you wish to get in touch re: Babiekins Magazine, please click here.]

Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 7
Senior Editor of entire issue; author of following pieces:
Cover Story: “Laurel Snyder”, Author Interview [pages 26-9]
“Design Down Under”, Sarah Cichy Interview [pages 34-5]
“The Mamas and Papas & The Childrens” written by my daughter Aveline at age 4 [pages 42-3]
Cover Story: “Lumberpalooza/Camp Forest”, Party Tutorial [pages 50-53]
Cover Stories: “Books, Bugs & Discovery/Learning Side by Side”, #Schoolkins Parent/Child Educational Workspace  [interior styling & article on pages 116-9; article only on pages 120-125]
Ghost Writer/Editor for
“Appi Studio”, Kim Hinsdale Interview [page 36]
“Little Dream Bird”, Barb McKenzie Interview [page 38]
“Paper Castles”, Craft Tutorial [page 48-9]
“I Want Candy”, Hair Tutorial [pages 55-9]

Babiekins Magazine Blog
Regular contributor [see all my posts]

Babiekins Magazine 
Print Issue 6
Senior Editor of entire issue; author of following pieces:
Cover Story: “Isabel Garretón”, Social Enterprise Pioneer, Interview 
Cover Story: “Creative Education/Exploring Home Education”, #Schoolkins Q+A [page 29]
“Velveteen Tales”, Laura Egloff, Article from Exclusive Interview [page 35]
Ghost Writer/Editor for
“Sow Love: A Wildflower Project”, Craft Tutorial [page 28]
“Grandpa’s First Job”, Story and Craft Tutorial [pages 36-7]
“Mini Garden”, Craft Tutorial [page 44]
Cover Story: “Spontaneous Beach Party/Piña Party”, Party Tutorial [pages 46-51]
“Indoor Farmer”, Hair Tutorial [pages 53-5]

Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 5
Senior Editor of entire issue; author of following pieces:
Cover Story: “Fake Royals”, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa & Alonso Mateo, Interview [pages 22-7]
“Sleepykins”, Global-themed Kids’ Bedroom Makeover [interior styling & article, pages 120-3]
Ghost Writer/Editor for
“Collage Friends”, Craft Tutorial [pages 42-3]
Cover Story: “Boho Fall Festival/Fall Fête”, Party Tutorial [pages 46-9]
“Dress Me Up”, Hair Tutorial [pages 51-7]

Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 4
Was not Copy Editor of this issue; but was author of following pieces:
Cover Story: “Catt Sadler”, E! News anchor, Interview [pages 26-9]
Ghost Writer/Editor for
Cover Story: “Beat the Heat/We all Scream for Ice Cream”, Party Tutorial [pages 44- 7]

Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 3/ Winter Special 2014
Was not Copy Editor of this issue; but was author of following pieces:
Cover Story: “Oeuf”, Sophie Demenge, Designer Interview [pages 24-5]
“Mimobee”, Helen & Tom Lo, Designer Interview [page 26]
“Kapital K”, Spencer Sujjaporamest, Designer Interview [page 27]
“Hey Pretty Mama” Q+A with Claire Hall, Brittany Ritchie, Jen Coleman, Agata Ma Piec, and Madelon Verdoorn [pages 114-6]

Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 2
Copy Editor of entire issue; author of following pieces:
Wovenplay”, Katherine Edmonds, Designer Interview [pages 28-29]
“The Flying Fox”, Personal Essay on Motherhood [pages 30-31]
Cover Story: “A Little Dash of Vintage”, Party Tutorial [pages 42-45]
Hey Pretty Mama” Q+A with Deborah Gordon, Claire Moir, and Whitney Reeder [pages 112-114]
Cover Story: “Chasing Whimsy”, Interview with Sue Kleine, mother of a child with autism [pages 116-17]
Ghost Writer/Editor for
“Mini Sailboat”, Craft Tutorial [page 41]
Cover Story: “Dog Days of Summer”, Hair Tutorial [pages 46-51]

Babiekins Magazine Digital Issue 12
Little Day, Designer Interview [pages 45-48]
“Wingless Pioneer”, Personal Essay on Motherhood [pages 63-64]
Travel piece on London with children [pages 213-218]

A Collection of Passions
“Mud Puddles, Little Girls, and (Fake) Tattoos”, Personal Essay on Motherhood

Yellow Finch
“On This Edge of the Pacific”, Poetry/Prose on Traveling

Babiekins Magazine Digital Issue 11
Nícoli, Designer Interview [pages 39-42]
“How to Protest Naps”, Personal Essay on Motherhood [pages 77-78]

Babiekins Magazine Gift Guide 2012
“The Candle Tree”, Personal Essay on Childhood in Yugoslavia [pages 35-36]

Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 1
Copy Editor of entire issue; author of following pieces:
My Little Dress Up”, Sarah van Maare & Laura Canté, Designer Interview [pages 27-29]
Joana Rosa Bragança”, Artist Interview [pages 31-33]
Misha Lulu”, Karen Moran-Salazar, Designer Interview [pages 34-35]
“The Eggman”, Personal Essay on Childhood in Yugoslavia [pages 36-37]
“The Fabulous Life of Motherhood”, Personal Essay on Motherhood [page 112]
Ghost Writer/Editor for
Cover Story: “New Years’ Countdown/When the Clock Strikes Twelve”,  Party Tutorial [page 47-8]
“Child-Friendly Copenhagen”, Travel Guide [page 114-5]
“Little Bookworm”, curated list #1-5 [page 121]

Babiekins Magazine Digital Issue 10
Aven Clothing, Designer Interview [pages 45-48]
Madeleine P’tite, Artist Interview [pages 49-52]
“The Pie Pixie”, Personal Essay on Childhood and the Tooth Fairy [pages 57-58]
“The Unbreakable Bond”, Personal Essay on Motherhood [pages 247-248]

Artsy Ants
“Her Paradise is Anywhere We Are Together”, Personal Essay on Motherhood

Babiekins Magazine Digital Issue 9
“The Meaning of Fort Building”, Personal Essay on Childhood in Michigan [pages 112-116]

Grace-filled Blog 
“This Early Light”, Personal Essay on Motherhood [scroll down past second set of asterisks]

Babiekins Magazine  Digital Issue 8
“Little Miss Green Thumb”, Personal Essay on Childhood in Yugoslavia [pages 151-154]

The Organic Bird Blog
“Living in the Moment”, Personal Essay about Motherhood


“On Thriving While Living/Traveling Elsewhere”, Personal Essay On Travel

Babiekins Magazine Digital Issue 7
“Christmas Under Wraps”, Personal Essay on Childhood & Motherhood [pages 221-224]

From Dates to Diapers 
“Joy”, Personal Essay on Motherhood

Peas in a Blog 
“Gluten-free Crispy Flatbread/Pizza Crust”, Tutorial/Recipe

The Budget Mommy
“Cloth Diapering on a Budget: How to Buy Used Cloth Diapers”, Tutorial/How To


Feel Food Style 
Eco-Guide: How I Turned My Wedding Green (Part One)
Eco-Guide: How I Turned My Wedding Green (Part Two)
Further Soap Celebrates Earth Day in Sustainable Style: Free Hand Soap With Every Purchase
Colorize your Locks without Toxic Chemicals: Introducing PPD-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye
Organic Apparel Giveaway: Win Fabulous Clothing from Indigenous Designs
Hot Eco-Couture Wedding Gowns from Bridal Fashion Designer Adele Wechsler
Not Just Another Graphic Tee Company: “Artevist” Organic Shirts Combine Art and Activism 
Handmade Jewelry from Thailand Helps Free Women from the Sex Trade 
Freeset Fair Trade Organic Tees and Jute Bags Help to Free Women Trapped in Kolkata’s Sex Trade 

Eat Drink Better
More-with-Less Cookbook Still Delivers After Twenty-Five Years
University of Montana Launches Sustainable Food Degree Program
Corn-Allergy Sufferers Face Hidden Corn Everywhere
Have your Corn-and-Pesticide-Free Strawberry Shortcake…and Eat it Too!
Mushrooms, Grasses Could Replace BHT and other Artificial Preservatives
EU Upholds Austria, Hungary’s Right to Ban Genetically Modified MON 810 Maize
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Seizes Cargill, Minnesota-Based Rice Producer
What’s for Breakfast? “GIR-reat” Gluten-Free, Corn-Free Waffles
When Local Isn’t: Deceiving ‘Buy Local Orlando’ Program Supports City Taxes, not Local Businesses
Obama’s Administration Refuses to Halt Production of Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Roundup-Ready Sugar Beets
Not Just for Ceramic Pets: First Certified-Organic Chia Introduced to United States
Germany to Join Other European Countries in Ban Against Monsanto’s Genetically Modified MON 810 Corn
Wheatless Wednesday: Herbert Hoover’s WWI Food Preservation Plan Inspires Meal Ideas [Recipe: Vegetable Patty]
Meatless Monday: Cucumber, Dill and Rice Salad with Tofu “Feta Cheese” Brings a Splash of Summer Flavors
Wheatless Wednesday: My Top Three Gluten Free Staples with Inspiring Snack Ideas
Food Policy Friday: United States, Australia, and Canada Announce Joint Efforts to Develop Genetically Modified Wheat
Wheatless Wednesday: 6 Alternatives to 87,000 Slices of Bread
Vegan RusticCookbook Brings Food Inspired by Vegan-Organic Farming
Wheatless Wednesday: Fruit-Sweetened Pineapple Muffins Put the “Fluffy” Back in Gluten-Free
Food Policy Friday: Call to Action Against Bayer’s Glufosinate-Resistant LL62 Rice
Wheatless Wednesday: 6 Reasons to Reject Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready Wheat
Food Policy Friday: FDA to Conform to EPA Standards for E.Coli in Bottled Water
Wheatless Wednesday: Boost Vitamin A, C and K Intake with Four-Color Coleslaw
Wheatless Wednesday: Chalk it up to Cheese Alchemy — Garden-Fresh Pizza without Dairy or Soy Cheese
What’s On My Food? Searchable Database Reveals Toxicology of Pesticide Residue
Food Policy Friday: Barack Obama’s Advisors Have Ties to Monsanto
Wheatless Wednesday: Chocolate Cake Fit for a Gluten-free Queen
Wheatless Wednesday: Ethiopian Teff from the Pyramids to the Present
Meatless Monday: Vegan French Lentil & Portobello Burgers
Green your Red-Hot Summer with Japan’s Number One Organic Green Tea Matcha
Wheatless Wednesday: Five Gluten-Free Alternatives to Traditional Wheat Pasta
Moving back to California, Discovering Almond Flour, and Devouring Banana Nut Muffins

Read more about me, or see my Editor profile at Babiekins Magazine
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