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INTERIOR DESIGN :: Home Office and Homeschool Room (in an Apartment with Limited Space)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Several months ago, I had the exciting opportunity to style a practical workspace for Babiekins Magazine; one that would function both for working from home and homeschooling. (Previously, I had styled a global-themed kids bedroom, too.) Since we live in an apartment, I didn’t have a dedicated room to serve as a home office and school room, so I cleared one wall of our living room instead. And I really didn’t want it to be a primary color menagerie of school posters.

There are a few things I really like about this space. Of course the huge wall map is right up at the top of the list! And I love the big white rug to cover the rental carpet. But I also really love how the wardrobe from IKEA hides away the printer and all the messy office/school supplies — leaving room for “pretty things, my dear”. (Oliver Twist, anyone?) And the pine bench, another IKEA find, is amazingly comfortable, and is the perfect arrangement for my daughter and to work side-by-side.

You might notice there aren’t many books in these photos — our bookcases are actually stashed in various places throughout our apartment, so they didn’t all fit in these photos. But boy, do we have a lot of books. A LOT. (My husband is legitimately concerned about this. Don’t tell him each Sonlight core adds 50 or more, give or take a dozen.)

It’s no secret I’m in love with words. I love to try to untangle the words in my mind, and coax them into sentences no one has ever read before. I love to read the expertly-woven words of not just classic authors, but contemporary voices, too. The middle ages print from the late 1400s — showing the arduous process of writing a book in the 1100s — reminds me that it hasn’t always been easy for one’s voice to be heard. This reminder, along with the “Let Your Light Shine In the Darkness” poster, spurs me on to keep speaking out.

I’m so pleased with the way our homeschool room / home office turned out — it’s such a happy, inspiring, wonderful space. (All styling by me, Gina Munsey; and thanks to Priscilla Barbosa Photography for the images!)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)


Oaxacaborn's Homeschool Room (as featured in Babiekins Magazine print edition)

You can catch this room in the special “#SCHOOLKINS: Books, Bugs & Discovery” interior design section of the 7th print issue of Babiekins Magazine, available here.  And if you have questions about any of the items shown, just leave a comment! :)

DESK :: Malm, c/o IKEA Orlando
WALL MAP :: National Geographic, via The Map Center

MAP RAILS :: c/o Posterhanger
PINE WARDROBE :: Nornäs used as bookshelf, c/o IKEA Orlando
PINE BENCH :: Nornäs, c/o IKEA Orlando
GLASS JAR :: Korken, via IKEA Orlando
CERAMIC VASE :: Stylist’s Own, from Mexico City
BAMBOO SPEAKERS :: c/o Otis & Eleanor
METAL LAMP and EDISON BULB :: c/o Lamps Plus
LET LIGHT SHINE PRINT :: Naptime Diaries
PRINT RAILS :: c/o Posterhanger
MIDDLE AGES PRINT  :: Matthaeus Platearius Writing “The Book of Simple Medicines” via
ROW OF 3 PRINTS :: Emily McDowell Studio and Jessica Sprague Printables
LAMP and SHADE :: Target
COWHIDE ::  Koldby, c/o IKEA Orlando
BOOKCASE :: Billy, via IKEA Orlando

PERCH CHAIR :: c/o Room & Board
STUDENT DESK :: Flash Furniture Desk with Metal Book Box, via Amazon

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Babiekins Magazine

Social Enterprises, Homeschooling, and more in the Latest Print Issue of Babiekins Magazine

Babiekins Magazine - Trendsetting Kids Fashion Magazine for Children and Parents - Summer Print Issue 6

Over this summer, I had the privilege and honor to be a part of two more cover stories in the latest print issue of Babiekins Magazine! (Is that cover pure happiness, or what?) I want to give a big shout out to my incredible team — Kelly Roper Photography, Elizabeth Pettey Photography, Priscila Barros, Leslie Schor Creative, and Liz Jacob of Yellow Finch, all of whom worked tirelessly (and sleeplessly!) to make this issue a reality. You ladies rock!

The first story I wrote for this issue is all about the founder of Isabel Garretón, Inc., an incredible trail-blazing immigrant woman who was producing socially conscious garments long before eco-fashion was a business trend. I really enjoyed talking to her about cultural identity, what it means to really “feel American”, and the complicated issues which accompany managing a social enterprise.

I also was able to share my thoughts on homeschooling as a part of the big Creative Education special feature in this issue. As you know from reading my blog, I don’t think homeschooling is the only option, nor should it always be approached as a lifelong option.  For us, it’s the path we’ve chosen for the time being, almost entirely because, despite studies like this, Florida state law is an absolute stickler about the cut-off ages for entry to kindergarten — or any other grade.

So, we’re homeschooling, although I don’t always approach it from a traditional homeschooling mindset.  In this Schoolkins article, I talk about this eclectic perspective, my own positive experience being homeschooled as a child, and how I think it’s important to look outside the homeschool circle and plug into the community at large. I also share my somewhat controversial thoughts on the harm of downplaying academics.

I hope you’ll be able to pick up a copy in your local bookstore; otherwise, you can always order a copy directly from Babiekins as well.

Rug c/o Rugs USA, one of the sponsors of an upcoming education-themed #schoolkins interior design editorial, premiering soon on Babiekins Magazine

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My Decision to Step Down from Babiekins Magazine

Copy Editor Gina Munsey's decision to Leave Babiekins Magazine

After two wonderful years, the time has come to leave my post as Copy Editor for Babiekins Magazine. There are no hard feelings involved, just a season coming to a close — as seasons are wont to do.

My time with Babiekins has given me the privilege of seeing my words on bookstore shelves — a dream I have had since I was fifteen. Nothing can replace all I’ve learned over the past two years. But even more than that, this experience has given me the opportunity to connect with scores of talented people all over the globe, and it’s those personal relationships for which I’m most thankful.

As I say goodbye to my editor role, I’m also saying hello to my newest project, Lenka and the Fawn. Lenka is a brand-new online children’s clothing store based around the concept of bringing European childhood to the United States. I’ll be launching the website in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my creative endeavors; you, readers, are more encouraging than you know.

And Priscila, a huge thank you to you for all you’ve done — I am so thankful for our friendship and wish you and the team nothing but the absolute best!

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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: The Brasilian Supermarket

A tour of a Brazilian Supermarket with a toddler by Priscilla Barbosa Photography for the Babiekins Magazine blog

Earlier, I had all sorts of things I was going to say, but I think the sun fried all my brain cells. Priscilla and Aveline and I were off exploring this morning, and I am pretty sure all of us are now completely melted — it was HOT today!

But don’t miss her very cool (heh) photo tour of Aveline’s time in a Brasilian supermarket, from our outing to Silva’s last week!

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POETRY & WORDS :: The Candle Tree

The Candle Tree, Illustration by Maia Larkin of The Voyagers for Babiekins Magazine

“Everyone’s Christmas tree is different. Some people have a quiet tree with tiny twinkling lights, silvery tinsel, and fluffy white snow. Other people have neon trees with bright garish bulbs, twitching and blinking against the backdrop of Santas in Hawaiian shirts, and elephants wearing antlers.

But when I was a little girl, our Christmas tree was very different.

Our tree was dotted with cookies.

And candles.

Candles with fire…”

To continue reading my story about Christmas in the former Yugoslavia, go to page 36 of the Babiekins Magazine gift guide.

(The accompanying illustration was created by Maia Larkin of The Voyagers, and is available here.)

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CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT :: Gigi Rose Gray, the Artist Behind the Illustrations

This past year, I’ve experienced the incredible thrill of having my work illustrated. Since the illustrations are arranged by the publisher, I don’t see the art until long after it is completed — and I often don’t know anything about the artist who transforms my words into images. So I was especially delighted to see this interview with Gigi Rose Gray, whose tremendous illustrations appear alongside my childhood tale “The Egg Man” in the current print issue of Babiekins.

When I first saw the two pieces she drew for my story, I was in awe of how someone else could capture the essence of my childhood so well. How could she know what a little girl would see in another country? How could she know what it looked like through my young eyes?

The Egg Man in Babiekins Magazine - by Gina Munsey and illustrated by Gigi Rose Gray

It all made sense when I read what she said about her own childhood: “In Brittany I have memories of a towering armoire teeming with jars of homemade jams, walking along the ramparts of the medieval city. In Normandy I remember the ‘moules frites’ and fisherman hauling in their catch, witnessing a thief make his escape in Barcelona and galloping on horseback through the wild fields of Provence. My work has been strongly influenced by my childhood, as I remember it to be a time of wonderment and exploration which was no doubt largely thanks to my travels.”

How neat is that? This story was illustrated by someone who really gets it. That’s so awesome.

You can see more of her art on sale for a limited time here — and don’t miss the fantastic illustrations she did for another one of my stories here, here and here

Babiekins Magazine, Poetry & Words

Babiekins Magazine: in Stores October 9th!

It’s alllllmost here…the very first print issue of Babiekins Magazine!

Babiekins Mag - available in Barnes and Noble stores October 9Cover photo: Kelly Roper Photography

The issues are en route from the warehouses as I type this, and will be sold in every single Barnes & Noble store in the US, beginning Tuesday, October 9th.

In the US, you can also check Books-A-Million and Stater Bros. If you’re in the UK, copies are available online at Lapin & Me; in Brasil, Supersoniko, and in France, D’Arthur à Zoé.

I’m particularly thrilled about a little piece I wrote on my childhood in the former Yugoslavia, and about some photographs the wildy talented Deb Schwedhelm shot of Aveline and I. (I’ve had to keep that a secret since April.)

There’s lots more, of course; each page is bursting with fresh content from dozens of incredibly talented people. (And did I mention how proud I am of our Editor-in-Chief for including a verse in her Editor’s Note?) Oh, I can’t wait for you to see it!

So, here’s the thing. I’m hoping to see the entire stock SOLD OUT. Wanna help me do that? :) You can find Babiekins Magazine in the fashion section of the magazine rack.

Locate a Barnes & Noble store near you