Hi, I’m Gina! Welcome to the Oaxacaborn blog, where I talk about classical education, gifted 2E homeschooling, and globally diverse books. I’m so glad you’re here.

My background as a missionary kid and child of homeschool pioneers impacts the way I view homeschool subculture, and the way I educate my quirky, neurologically gifted kids. I believe work is worship, and write often about the ways theology, literature, grace, and science blend together to form a well-rounded classical education at home. I don’t follow the homeschool subculture rules, and don’t you don’t need to, either.

I was a homeschool kid before I became a homeschool mom. So when it comes to the subcultures within the homeschooling movement, I’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and whole lot of ugly. I’ve had close scrapes with the gritty underbelly of fundamentalism.  And yet, by the grace of God, I came out on the other side still embracing Jesus.

There’s a shift underway in the theology and culture of homeschooling, and second-generation homeschoolers are driving this reformation.  The current homeschool movement doesn’t need more dogma. It doesn’t need more rules. We don’t need sheltering, or culture wars, or self-righteousness. What this subculture needs is more people willing to courageously and soundly reject the dangerous claws of legalistic fundamentalism, while simultaneously holding on to Jesus.

Won’t you join me on this radical journey?