In Our Homeschool This Week (6th Grade and Preschool)

Periodically — and by that I mean, hardly ever — I share a recap of our homeschool week. (We all love to be a little nosy, even if we won’t admit it.) So how did this week go down in our homeschool? I’ll tell you!

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On her own, Aveline’s listening to Bleak House in the evenings while she recreates the Great Wave off Kanagawa out of Pix Brix (full review of that coming next month).

We’re all reading Dumpling Days by Grace Lin as the February selection for Restoration Scholé. (We just finished Rosemary Sutcliff’s Wanderings of Odysseus.)

Aveline also began Call of the Wild this week for her Liberal Arts class with St. Raphael School online.


Seventh grade looms, so Wes Callihan’s Old Western Culture is in the running for us for a possible humanities curriculum next fall. (Here, you can view a sample lecture of the Old Western Culture’s Early Medieval Christianity unit.)

History for Aveline this week was all over the place, from that sample lesson above to a Twinkl lesson on social migration patterns in Britain. There was also a lot of non-fiction reading, including the entirety of two of Isobel Kuhn’s books: Ascent to the Tribes and Stones of Fire.

Plus, from the library, Archers, alchemists, and 98 other medieval jobs you might have loved or loathed, Diane Stanley’s new picture book Alice Waters Cooks up a Food Revolution. Oh, and Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of Greek Heroes.

I guess we covered more history than I thought.


Aveline continued her homework in the textbook supplied by our local Chinese school, and also read chapter 3 of “A Brief History of China for Teenagers“. Since it’s above her current reading level, she reads it with Pleco and a notebook in hand, then narrates it back to me in English. She also switched the Netflix audio to Chinese a few times this week as well.


Along with her classmates at St Raphael School online, Aveline is working through Classical Academic Press’ Greek for Children curriculum. (Of course, there’s more to the class than the textbook.) It’s Aveline’s third year in the SRS Greek program.


More inequalities! We loop through a lot of different resources for math, but right now it’s all about The Critical Thinking Company’s Understanding Algebra I. Aveline has also been reading through a Geometry textbook for fun.

Lochlan started Evan Moor’s Everyday Literacy: Math, and loves it! He’s also fascinated by the math videos on Preschool Prep Company’s YouTube channel. (Did you know about the Chrome extension which blocks all YouTube ads? I couldn’t use YouTube without it.)


In addition to the daily writing assignments in Liberal Arts, this week’s Writing & Rhetoric lesson focused on Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra. Super topical, with the tragic Turkey and Syrian earthquake in the news this week as well. We’re a bit behind in our W&R sequence, but hope to catch up soon.

For Lochlan, writing this week was pre-writing worksheets (loops! circles!) from Twinkl. (Want a free 30 day trial to Twinkl? I have some codes to share! Leave a comment.)

Current Events

I assign a current events news story most days. This week, I pulled from World Kids and BBC’s Newsround. We place a pin in our large world map for each article we read. This is a fantastic way to spot blind spots in news coverage! This week, we mapped locations in Australia, Antarctica, the Arctic, Easter Island, Syria, and Turkey.


Science went on the back burner this week. (Can you believe it?) That’s not to say Aveline didn’t read Basher Books, because she re-reads those in perpetuity.

Lochlan started Evan-Moor’s Everyday Literacy: Science, and watched several episodes of The ZOO, set in Dublin. It’s free on Pluto TV. He’s also had Gail Gibbons’ Farming on repeat this week.

Of course, there was also a lot of music appreciating, using-up-the-markers-ing, flash-card-flipping, map-making, Quizlet-studying, LEGOing, puzzling, and Thinking Puttying. And over the weekend, there will be

What do you think? Should I share a recap again next week?


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