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10 Diverse Picture Books for Every Child’s Library

Usborne and Kane Miller books are well-known for their encyclopedic non-fiction. But did you know about the gorgeous picture books? Here are ten lovely and vibrant picture books featuring diverse characters in everyday situations, doing everyday things.

Disclosure: The links are in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click through and made a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission.

1. I’m (Almost) Always Kind

Perfect for social-emotional learning, this captivatingly-illustrated title features tiny die-cut hearts throughout the pages.

See inside or buy now: I’m (Almost) Always Kind by Anna Milbourne and Åsa Gilland

2. I’m Not (very) Afraid of Being Alone

Another title with tiny laser-cut cutouts, this book emphasizes the heartwarming connection between father and daughter. See inside or buy now: I’m Not (Very) Afraid of Being Alone by Anna Milbourne and Sandra de la Prada

3. The Perfect Shelter

A sober tale, this one tackles how serious illness cannot overcome the bond between sisters.

See inside or buy now: The Perfect Shelter by Clare Helen Welsh and Åsa Gilland

4. Grandma’s Favorite

Grandma’s typical day includes working on cars, singing loudly — and spending time with her grandkids.

See inside or buy now: Grandma’s Favorite by Erin Dealey and Luciana Navarro Powell

5. Babies Come from Airports

A sweet tale of a family knit together through adoption.

See inside or buy now: Babies Come from Airports by Erin Dealey and Luciana Navarro Powell

6. Lenny and Wilbur

This simply-told and brightly-illustrated calm adventure follows an endearing boy as he spends time with his dog.

See inside or buy now: Lenny and Wilbur by Ken Wilson-Max

7. Where’s Lenny?

Another in the Lenny series, this story is perfect for tiny listeners who will want to count and play alongside Lenny.

See inside or buy now: Where’s Lenny by Ken WIlson

8. The Biggest Story

Errol has a fantastic imagination, and the ability to tell the wildest tales.

See inside or buy now: The Biggest Story by Sarah Coyle and Dan Taylor

9. Two Pirates and a Robot

The main characters use math to solve the problems they encounter inside their rocket ship.

See inside or buy now: Two Pirates and a Robot by Henry Henz and Shiho Pate

10. At the Library

In this unique book, kids learn library etiquette while using a flashlight (not provided) to find the pictures hidden in the illustrations.

See inside or buy now: At the Library: A Shine-a-Light Book by Heather Alexander and Ipek Konak

11. And a bonus board book — That’s Not My Pirate

Each board book in the classic Usborne That’s Not My… series invites younger listeners to interact with the touch-and-feel sensory section; in this case, the pirate’s scratchy headscarf.

See inside or buy now: That’s Not My Pirate by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells

Diverse books should be a part of every kid’s library! I’m a huge advocate of expanding our young readers’ horizons, and making sure our shelves reflect the incredible cultural and ethnic diversity of God’s global people. But we must never forget: this is more than geography. We also need to celebrate diversity in everyday situations, right here in our neighborhoods, and among our own circle of friends.

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