INSPIRATION :: Quirky Japanese [Food] Cushions

I have a pinched nerve in my hip (yeowch!) so most of the day has been spent on the couch, trying to get comfortable. The upside of a forced day of rest, though, is that it’s an opportunity to find all sorts of hilarious, inspiring, (and hilariously inspiring) things on the internet.

Like these Japanese cushions via

INSPIRATION :: Quirky Japanese [Food] Cushions

INSPIRATION :: Quirky Japanese [Food] Cushions

INSPIRATION :: Quirky Japanese [Food] Cushions

What say ye? Yay or not so much?


5 thoughts on “INSPIRATION :: Quirky Japanese [Food] Cushions”

  1. Ouch! Depending on what caused the pinched nerve, I would recommend working it out, (unless that’s what caused it) and or alternating between a cool gel pack and warm compress. I could just eat those pillows up! I wonder what a spaghetti one would look like.


    1. A spaghetti one would probably look delicious! : )

      Thanks Mahdi…I did some stretches and exercises this afternoon and it’s a little better. Here’s hoping a good night of rest helps, too.


  2. As someone who is currently getting chiropractic treatment for a disk bulge that’s pressing on my sciatic nerve, I literally feel your pain. :-(

    As for the pillows, I think they’d be great for a relaxed cafe or coffee shop. In my house, not so much – except for maybe the bread one. ;-)


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