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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Aveline Turns Three

4 - Aveline Turns Three

Aveline’s birthday was on Sunday. Since she’s now three, she decided she would choose the pose for her birthday portrait. Alrighty, then! (She asked to wear that particular “pah-ty dwess” too.)

She’s literally been talking about “berfdays” for one whole year. She loved the party she had in California last year, so much so that it’s been a nearly daily topic of conversation. And then my dad celebrated his birthday here in October, which set off birthday fever again.

1 - Aveline Turns Three

But Sunday was Aveline’s day, and she was completely overwhelmed with excitement. She wished us “happy berfday” dozens and dozens of times throughout the day. And three balloons, she decided, could only mean one thing — one is for Aveline, one is for papa, and one is for mama.

2 - Aveline Turns Three

3 - Aveline Turns Three

5 - Aveline Turns Three

That night, she stayed awake in her bed for two hours after bedtime, happy as a lark, singing happy birthday to herself.

Oh, what a little beacon of light and joy she is! Thank you God, for allowing me to be her mother for such a time as this.


2 thoughts on “LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Aveline Turns Three”

  1. Happy Birthday to Dear Aveline! I have been delayed in communicating sooner, Gina. I had several medical appointments out of town–and was unable to complete my Happy Birthday greetings to her. This note is the start–and I will be in touch again as soon as possible. :-)


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