‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Blogger Edition)


‘Twas the month before Christmas, and all through the ‘net
all the bloggers were stirring on their weblog gazettes,
Typing their opinions up without care
telling all readers to stop and beware

Of traditions and beliefs that could lead them astray,
all said, “It is better to do it this way.”
Some said more mangers and no tree at all;
some said no Santa or Elf on the Wall.

The readers were nestled all snug with their phones
while blog posts and rants spelled out the unknowns,
the harm to your psyche, the harm to your kids,
if you continue to believe what those people did.

When in the comments section there arose such a crash
I thought for certain someone’s head had been bashed.
And to their keyboards readers hustled and typed
adding and stirring and upping the hype.

The moon on this night was largely ignored,
for readers’ eyes were fastened to the electronic board,
where to their rectangular eyes would appear
another blog post promulgating fear,

With new and old phrases, so lively and quick,
but with declarations that sounded so slick.
More rapid than eagles the comments they flew,
and I knew in that moment what I had to do.

More kindness! More mercy! Fewer cat fights.
More grace, more calmness, and more of the Light.
Less “we don’t do Santa” and “we don’t do Elf”;
more of the Savior and less of myself.

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So through my pen my thoughts swirled and flew
as I jotted down reasons for thinking anew.

Christmas is Jesus and the gift of Himself
and salvation’s not threatened because of an elf.
And so in the blogosphere I pulled up a post
to calm the frenzy that had frazzled them most.

If you have a tree or five or you don’t,
if you decorate with a Claus or you won’t,
there is Something at Christmas that’s bigger than you:
the Hope that dawned that day is still new.

So readers and bloggers, quiet your heads,
and rest in the truth you have nothing to dread.
Join me in more joyous talk about what’s true
and less writing all the things we don’t do.

And when in the blogs there arises a clatter
pause and ask yourself if the argument matters.
Now to all you I give an encouraging shout,
“Happy Christmas to all!” And it’s time to log out.




12 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Blogger Edition)”

  1. Gina! I enjoy your writing tremendously, and, it is your perspective on live and let live I enjoy most. Sharing the love of our savior is what matters most,


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