SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS :: The Making of the Swedish Dala Horse

Carved wooden horses have been a part of Swedish culture since the 1600s. The distinct shape as we know it today was introduced in the 1700s, and the iconic paint pattern came along in the 1800s. Dala horses were even sometimes used as payment! But it wasn’t until 1939, when a Swedish architect created a huge Dala horse for the World’s Fair in New York, that the popularity of the dalahäst really took off.

[If video player does not appear, click here to view.]

Oh, I know they aren’t a traditional Christmas decoration. But they’re traditionally Swedish, and just happen to be come in very Christmasy colors. So why not? There are no rules about how you can decorate for Christmas — make the season your own, and let the decor reflect your own personality, style and heritage.

Want to contribute to the 3rd Annual Scandinavian/Nordic Christmas Series? Click here to find out how!


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