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MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Fall, Family, & a Little Bit of Yellow & Blue

This week marks the start of fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, and while Florida’s proximity to the Tropic of Cancer makes the change of seasons less pronounced, the weather is dipping ever so slightly in the autumnal direction. It’s a welcome, if nearly imperceptible change; merely a bit less of an “I’ve instantly been poached” sensation when one steps out of doors.

And while my presence has been scarce here on the blog, it’s been for the best reason possible — family is in town! My heart is beyond happy watching this little face chatter away with “gamma” and “gampa”.

September 2013 - 3 - Milkmaid Braids on a Toddler

September 2013 - 2 - Milkmaid Braids on a Toddler

This seasonal shift always makes me think of yellows and blues, despite these hues often being seen as spring colors. But why should they be confined to just one end of the year? Autumn is full of ever deepening blue skies and — in some parts of the world at least — rich golden leaves.

And so here, on a very non-Monday, is a tiny round-up of pretty things.

The Adventurer Mug - an Anchor Mug - from ModCloth
The Adventurer, a nautical/anchor mug via ModCloth

Plywood Triangles Bunting Banner via AGAINST THE WOODGRAIN on Scout Mob
Plywood triangle banner via Against the Woodgrain on Scout Mob

Sandalwood and Musk soap from Mozi AU's Big Bear Collection
Sandalwood & Musk soap from Mozi‘s Big Bear Collection

Golden State California letterpress print via the Etsy shop 1canoe2
California letterpress print via 1canoe2 on Etsy

Enamelware plates from Best Made Co
Enamelware plates from Best Made Co.

CC1 Square Blouse via Yarnmade Sweden's Cactico line
CC1 Square Blouse via Yarnmade Sweden‘s Cactico line

(Want to see even more pretty things?)


1 thought on “MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Fall, Family, & a Little Bit of Yellow & Blue”

  1. Aveline is adorable! I love her smile and braided hair do–and she looks so loveable as though she is aware of all the family and extended family awaiting her.
    From: Aveline’s Great Grandmother A.


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