INSPIRATION :: H&M Home, Come to Mama!

H&M Home in the US -'s picksWithin a few minutes of clicking onto the interwebs this morning, I got all the news. Snowden was released into Russia on temporary asylum. The weather in Orlando is going to be hot and muggy forever. And H&M Home is FINALLY available in the US.

If you know me, you know I’d rather by a rug or a set of curtains than a new pair of shoes or jeans. And I’ve been waiting for H&M Home for quite a while. (Actually, I didn’t wait. I had a UK friend buy a duvet cover there and mail it to me.)

Now join me in drooling over all this available-right-here-right-now goodness — just try not to drool on your keyboard. (Clicking on each photo will take you to the product listing on the H&M website).

Soap Dispensers H&M HOmeSugar Pillow H and M Home
Map Duvet Cover H&M Home
Paris Cushion H&M Home
Hand Towel H&M Home
Tea Towel with Script from H&M Home
Star Baby Quilt from H&M Home
Decorative letters from H&M Home
Cafe Noir Mug via H&M Home
Hot and Cold Baths 5c Towel via H&M Home

I exercised a great deal of restraint by only listing a few products. ;) Go ahead, view ALL the H&M Home things!


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