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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: My Miniature Flying Companion

 July 2013 - Aveline in Naartjie hoodie

 July 2013 - Aveline in Naartjie hoodie with waist ruffle and lace front

Aveline and I are packing this morning, for a little jaunt a couple (thousand) miles over to cooler weather for a bit. This means I write lists and try to collect what I need to pack, and she follows me around immediately removing said items from bags while asking for (even more) kefir and shrieking happily, “Baby help! Baby help with pieces!”

Not a whole lot gets done this way.

This won’t be the first time she’s flown — she’s taken close to a half-dozen trips already  — but it will be the first time she has her own ticket and own carry-on. If you happen to be in the airport on Friday, she’ll be the only kid under three feet tall to have a entire twin-size fleece Mario blanket in tow. (My “purse” will be overflowing with snacks and coloring books.)

Oh, and we’ll be traveling with Mr. Fox, too.

As it just so happens, this fox is on newsstands right now. Well, not Mr. Fox himself, but a tale of his adventures as The Flying Fox, Aveline’s traveling companion. He ends up in a stranger’s lap, and witnesses a pair of airline headphones reduced to rubble courtesy of a rogue beverage cart. (You can read more in Babiekins Magazine, Print Issue 2.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to tend to a toddler eruption of tears over a small issue in which a plastic figure of Mario is lodged headfirst in the Tinker Toys container.

Little Style :: Aveline is wearing a Naartjie hoodie.


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