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Why This Will Never Be A Parenting Advice Blog - via Oaxacaborn
Oh, this little person.

She’s very much a two-year-old. Perfectly quirky. She loves pirates and hates greens. She’d rather eat kefir than a donut, or almost anything else, except “mac and roni” which trumps all. She yells “Hi, baby!” to every non-adult she sees, no matter their age. And she has her own way of talking. “Fat put-tee”, of course, means “splash puddles”. And “kay yay-yi-yo” is her own little riff on “thank you, Aveline”. She sleeps every night surrounded by dozens of stuffed animals, but among them all, only Mr. Fox, Baby Fox, and Football Dog need to be kissed goodnight.

She loves to have her hair and teeth brushed. She always is sneaking into the bathroom to dab at her cheeks with mama’s makeup brushes. And destroying one of papa’s paintbrushes in a muddle of dull brown mixed watercolors, well, that’s a delight all its own.

She sings about the itsy-bitsy spider every chance she gets, “Fider, up. Fider, wain, down, ‘way. Fider, up sun, Fider, ‘gain!” When she hears dogs or neighborhood kids outside, she yells “Some babies! Some barks! Some dogs!” and runs to the window.

She’s a perpetual motion machine, my wild child.

And I’ve never done this before, this wild-child-raising.

I don’t know how.

Every day, I’m faced with situations that don’t make sense. (Toddlers don’t make sense. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.)

I don’t have all the answers. And in my very short experience so far, I’ve seen that parenting is simultaneously humbling and exhilarating and terrifying and rewarding. I don’t have it all figured out. And I don’t imagine I ever will.

And that’s why this isn’t, and never will be, a parenting advice blog. First of all, I don’t have any to give. And second, my goal isn’t to figure it all out. I’m not chasing the answers. I’m not chasing perfection (thank goodness!) I’m chasing joy. I’m chasing hope. I’m chasing Jesus.

So you won’t find answers or advice here, because don’t have any. But what I do have, I can share; glimpses into our lives, beauty in the everyday, and the reason for our hope.

And I can tell you this — there’s not a day in which I don’t ask beg God for wisdom!


20 thoughts on “POETRY & WORDS :: Why This Will Never Be A Parenting Advice Blog”

  1. ” chasing joy, hope and Jesus” What a joy to see! That’s about it in parenting…all is grace, His grace.


  2. You captured your daughter’s life and language so well! I love this post. I ran a parenting blog for 2.5 years. When I came to the end of it I realized that it doesn’t matter how a child is parented as long as they are safe and cared for in a loving family. I had ran out of advice. Every situation and every child is so different. I appreciate blogs like yours that speak truth and help me see beauty when I would usually overlook the fine details. Thank you.


    1. There’s a time and place for that, you know? I think there’s a lot of good practical advice out there. But like you said, “Every situation and every child is so different.” It’s so important to be aware of the individuality and originality of each little human being, and realize there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Is there wisdom we can glean and apply to our own lives? Yes! Of course! But there’s no formulaic answer. And that’s so freeing to realize!


  3. “I’m not chasing perfection (thank goodness!) I’m chasing joy”
    Than you for these lovely words ! How lovely !!
    I have a 6month boy and a 2years girl Not chasing perfection is aTHE thing I’ve learned.
    The other thing I’ve learned : stop thinking that there’s A right way. …a right way to rise children for exemple. I am sympathetic with the others mum rather than to judge them


  4. Well said, my dear Gina! These words are very freeing. There is no 1,2,3…step plan laid out that works for every little, unique, created being of God. But, looking unto Jesus…


  5. Totally agree! I have two whirlwinds myself. We just had friends visiting, who have kids, and they were shocked with the amount of energy my kids had! But it’s fun and funny and I love it even if it drives me crazy at some points. No parenting advice at my place either, because I agree, I don’t have any! Well, my only advice is to parent on your knees, because the Lord is the only way these precious babies won’t be screwed up!


    1. Oh, you GET it, Natalia! I’ve been told, “She’s so…active.” Why yes, yes she is. And that’s the way God made her! :)

      And I’m shouting “amen!” to your “parent on your knees” comment. That’s it. Grace is the only way we can make it through this. I sure don’t know what I’m doing!


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