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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Aveline’s Room Tour

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m hitting the ground running this morning. My dear sis-in-law arrives in a few days for a week-long vacation, so I’m whipping the house into shape.

As I was tidying Aveline’s room — and doing laundry, and singing along to The Lumineers, and stopping Aveline from throwing away all her broken crayons — I realized I haven’t posted a tour of her room in a long, long time. I was going to wait until I finished the big “Forever Young” typography piece I’m designing, but I’ll just share that later when I’ve finished it.

Here’s her eclectic little room!Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Huge framed canvas of Paris, bunting, paper lanterns, blankets over chair and doll
Framed canvas of Paris: Ikea || Felt bunting: handmade || Paper lanterns: leftover from my birthday years ago || Sweater: handknit by Auntie Lauren || Heart-shaped glasses: a gift from Bumpa (Grandpa Jim) || Curtains: Ikea || Dresser: Ikea || Doll: Goodbye Blue Monday
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - California map and page from vintage children's book
California map: AAA || Page from vintage bookLittle Miss Heirlooms
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Original portrait washi taped to wall
Original portait of Aveline: Blue Egg Illustration || Washi Tape: Michaels
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Pages from a Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter book washi taped to wall
Pages from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit: Target || Washi Tape: Michaels
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Handmade fabric bunnies and cat and a Lotta doll in her bed
Mouse: Starbucks || Pillowcase: Handmade || Lotta Doll: Amazon || Cat and Bunnies: Handmade
Aveline's room tour via Oaxacaborn - Changing table in closet converted to book and toy storageCurtains: Handmade from twin sheet || Circle Canvas: Hello Hue || Corduroy Top: Tea Collection || Baskets: Home Goods || Changing Table: Passed down from Josiah’s family


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