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POETRY & WORDS :: On Creative Burnout, or, Sometimes, I miss life before the Internet

Silencio del Mar - Watercolor by Oaxacaborn
Sometimes, I miss life before the internet, when a girl could just get lost in an old National Geographic, without knowing it was trendy to like Reykjavik.

Or geometric shapes, or the colors coral and mint, or hand-drawn arrows, or chevrons.

A girl can get swallowed by this handmade world. There is talent and inspiration yes, but there is so much repetition so much repetition.

I want to get back to reading The Joy of Cooking, not the “OMG. Need recipe.” comments on pictures of a stranger’s lunch.

I need more actual fabric swatches, and fewer repins of photos of fabric swatches. I need fewer “One gazillion places to go in 2013” websites and more discovering the sidewalks around my own house.

I want to stitch together more projects for my daughter and our home, and not as many for listings on Etsy. I need more torn paper and splashes of watercolor, and fewer Pinterest boards. More dirt under my fingernails, more glue on the palms of my hands, more paint  on the table around the edges of the canvas, more spontaneous midnight cookie-baking.

I’m tired. And I don’t think I’m going to find my lost creativity if I just keep looking inside this screen.

Do any of you ever feel like this?


6 thoughts on “POETRY & WORDS :: On Creative Burnout, or, Sometimes, I miss life before the Internet”

  1. Yes. I prescribe baking a pie. And invite over a good or new friend to share it with. No one can resist that kind of invite. An unplugged evening conversation usually does wonders to restore my soul.


  2. Thank you for these wonderful words !
    It describe exactly my feelings.
    I don’t know anymore what I love, what I want, what I would create by myself…
    I’ve tried a lot of things to find myself but you give me an new point of view.
    I really need to unplug from internet for a few days, weeks,.. Thanks for sharing this feeling ^^


  3. Your words, Gina, match my personal longing for more of the simple life joys such as baking a loaf of pumpkin bread or sitting and reading an inspiring article or book chapter. However, the tasks are magnets that tug me away from that “homey coziness” with kitchen creations. Or with that literary journey while curled up on the sofa.


  4. I totally agree. It’s good to get out more & find inspiration in other things & have other hobbies but so easy to get caught up in the one thing. I am trying to learn to close my computer more and just do or play or paint with the boys (even though I’m bad at it!) Great post as always! Love ya!


  5. yep, i can totally relate to this… it’s an inspiration overload at times, that paralizes me and robs me of precious time. i partly blame my iphone :((
    i’m making a conscious decision to have less screen time and just sit and read a book or knit a bit…


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