Monday's Pretty Things


How are you this November Monday? I’m enjoying these pretty toile patterns right now — although I do find it odd that both Anthropologie and Target have such a similar interpretation of dip-dyed toile. I saw the former in Anthro this weekend, and they are really lovely in person (I’m partial to the blue-on-blue ones). Target’s version is melamine, but they don’t seem to be currently available online or in stores right now. I wonder if they are just temporarily sold out?

Molly Hatch Toile Plate PaintingsToile Plate Paintings via Molly Hatch

TOO by BLU DOT Dinnerware Collection via Target // Dip-dyed Toile Plates
TOO by BLU DOT Dinnerware Collection via Target

Dipped Toile Dinner Plates via AnthropologieDipped Toile Dinner Plates via Anthropologie

P.S. Even more pretty things.


5 thoughts on “MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Toile Dishes”

  1. i think the first one is really neat, it would make for funny dinner conversations while you wait to be served since everybody would try to figure out how the pieces fit together. i’m not quite sure if i like the dipped ones though. but thanks for introducing me, at least now i can say “oh, yeah, i’ve seen that already” , haha ;)


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