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Babiekins Magazine: in Stores October 9th!

It’s alllllmost here…the very first print issue of Babiekins Magazine!

Babiekins Mag - available in Barnes and Noble stores October 9Cover photo: Kelly Roper Photography

The issues are en route from the warehouses as I type this, and will be sold in every single Barnes & Noble store in the US, beginning Tuesday, October 9th.

In the US, you can also check Books-A-Million and Stater Bros. If you’re in the UK, copies are available online at Lapin & Me; in Brasil, Supersoniko, and in France, D’Arthur à Zoé.

I’m particularly thrilled about a little piece I wrote on my childhood in the former Yugoslavia, and about some photographs the wildy talented Deb Schwedhelm shot of Aveline and I. (I’ve had to keep that a secret since April.)

There’s lots more, of course; each page is bursting with fresh content from dozens of incredibly talented people. (And did I mention how proud I am of our Editor-in-Chief for including a verse in her Editor’s Note?) Oh, I can’t wait for you to see it!

So, here’s the thing. I’m hoping to see the entire stock SOLD OUT. Wanna help me do that? :) You can find Babiekins Magazine in the fashion section of the magazine rack.

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7 thoughts on “Babiekins Magazine: in Stores October 9th!”

  1. this cover is absolutely beautiful! i’m looking forward to reading your story. i have one grandmother who is from Slovakia and one from Romania. i would love to hear bits of your childhood ;)


  2. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter in the magazine! The pictures you took were beautiful! I will be at Barnes and Nobel October 9th!!! Beautiful cover shot…this print magazine seems to be a hot item… especially since childrens styles and trends are just as popular as the adults anymore!


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