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WRITING & WORDS :: Issue 10 of Babiekins Magazine

Babiekins Magazine Issue 10

I haven’t actually blogged about this yet (although if we’re connected on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you’ve already seen this).

I had the honor of appearing in four separate spots in the latest digital issue of Babiekins Magazine

Aven Clothing: Designer Interview [pages 45-48]
Madeleine P’tite: Artist Interview [pages 49-52]
The Pie Pixie: A Childhood Memory of the Tooth Fairy [pages 57-58]
The Unbreakable Bond: What I Want my Daughter to Know [pages 247-248]

I’m incredibly grateful to my editor, Priscila who believes in me and has handed me this huge opportunity — and to my mom, who has always, always encouraged me to keep on writing.

Big thanks also goes to Mitch from Aven Clothing and Madeleine of La p’tite Madeleine for being such wonderful interview subjects, to the talented Maia Chavez Larkin for illustrating my Pie Pixie story, and to Deb Schwedhelm Photography for the photograph of Aveline and I that I’ll treasure forever.

Interview with Mitch Harris of Aven Clothing by Gina Munsey for Babiekins Magazine Issue 10
Interview with Madeleine Petite by Gina Munsey for Babiekins Magazine Issue 10
The Pie Pixie by Gina Munsey for Babiekins Magazine Issue 10
The Unbreakable Bond by Gina Munsey for Babiekins Magazine Issue 10


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