INSPIRATION :: Greta Garbo…and Astrid Lindgren

Did you know that in Sweden, the new 20 Kronor bill will be light purple and feature a picture of Pippi Longstocking creator Astrid Lindgren? And there will soon be a blue 100 kronor bill with Greta Garbo’s portrait!

Pippi Longstocking Author Astrid Lindgren on the New 20 Kronor Swedish Banknote
Greta Garbo on a 100 kronor Swedish bill

Here in the United States, authors of children’s literature and movie stars aren’t people we’d ever think to associate with paper money. But I kind of really love it, don’t you?


7 thoughts on “INSPIRATION :: Greta Garbo…and Astrid Lindgren”

  1. I once found that 20 kronor note at an airport! I’ve still got it as, well, I love Astrid Lindgren’s books and on the reverse side the note has Nils Holgerson, I used to love that story as a child!


  2. I´ts not Astrid Lindgren It is Selma Lagerlöv, and she is the one that wrote Nils Holgersson. but I agree Astrid Lindgren disurves to be on one :)


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