Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Sleep With the Moon and Stars

A little round-up of dream-inducing items in a pretty monochromatic palette.
Organic pajamas with moon in knees and shirt made by popupshop on thumbeline Popupshop’s organic moon children’s pajamas, via Thumbeline

Brainstorm Eureka RC Illuminated Moon on Alex and Alexa dot comBrainstorm RC-operated moon light, via Alex and Alexa (It shows the different phases of the moon!)

Black Eye Galaxy stitched quilt by Jimmy McBride as seen on Dwell Magazine's websiteJimmy McBride M64 Black Eye Galaxy child’s quilt, via Dwell Magazine

Stars Eiderdown bedcover from Ketiketika on Smallable dot comKetiketika stars Eiderdown child’s bedcover, via Smallable

Trompe L'Oeil Floor Mat - Moon via Urban OutfitersTrompe L’Oeil Moon Floor Mat, via Urban Outfitters


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