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TRAVEL :: Paris with Igor: A Stop on the Summer Vacation Tour

Today’s famed destination is brought to you by the man behind the Happy Interior Blog — take it away, Igor!


A little more about Igor
My name is Igor and I am the blogger of Happy Interior Blog. I was born and raised in Austria to Serbian parents and after a few detours in Athens, Greece, Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany, I landed in Munich, Germany where I’ve worked and lived for the past five years. I am an interior design lover and a passionate traveler – and one of my favorite and most frequented destinations is Paris, the French capital. Especially during the past three years I’ve been returning frequently to the City of Lights predominately out of a special reason – love. Apart from this very emotional reason I am lucky enough to have a good bunch of friends in Paris and find myself rather at home in this beautiful city.

Igor of Happy Interior Blog shares Top 5 Things to Love about Paris - Virtual Travel Igor’s top five things to love about Paris

  1. My love & my friends.
  2. The Parisian lifestyle. There is always time for a coffee in one of the many street side cafés.
  3. The yummy food. Nothing beats a fresh baguette, French cheese and a bottle of red wine in Paris.
  4. The Haussmannian architecture. Paris bursts with some of the most beautiful buildings around. Nothing compares to a typical Paris street lined with Haussmannian buildings and cute little shops and cafés.
  5. The sparkling Eiffel Tower. No matter how cliché and touristic this is, it still enchants me every time I behold this spectacular sight.

Top 5 Things to Love about Paris - Virtual Travel - Photo of Bicycle and Theatre de L'Atelier

Eiffel Tower - Top 5 Things to Love about Paris - Virtual Travel Series

Cafe sign in Paris - Top 5 Things to Love about Paris - Virtual Travel Series

Flower Shop in Paris - Top 5 Things to Love about Paris - Virtual Travel Series

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos and tour, Igor! Readers, be sure to check out the Happy Interior Blog, where Igor blogs “everything that inspires [him] for a happy home”. You can also like Happy Interior Blog on Facebook, or chat with Igor on Twitter @IgorJosif.

This post is a part of the Summer Vacation Tour, a virtual travel series hosted here on To ‘travel’ to other locations while I’m taking a brief break from blogging, click here. (Want to be featured in the future? Email me!)


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