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TRAVEL :: France with Natalia: A Stop on the Summer Vacation Tour

In between a trip to Switzerland, packing up her place in France, and moving back to California for the summer, my sweet friend Natalia somehow found time to write a post for this series!


A little more about Natalia
My name is Natalia and I grew up in sunny California. After college I married my favorite man in the world and he whisked me off to France where he plays basketball. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but sometimes it’s fun to make it out to be oh-so-romantic! I chose to write about France because with all the ups and downs, I love the country and if I wasn’t attached to my family back home (and I could learn this stinkin language fluently!) I would consider staying.

Natalia’s top five things to love about France

  1. It’s beautiful. Oh so beautiful. The cities are picturesque and old and fabulous and the country is green and gorgeous and spacious. Coming from the greater Los Angeles area where all you see is city, I love it!
  2. The history. I am a huge history nerd. I love anything with a story behind it. In France, as in most of Europe, there is a ton of history! It is so amazing to learn about something and then go to where it took place!
  3. The lifestyle. The French seemed more laid back, the love to take breaks and relax. They understand the importance of vacation. It is refreshing coming from America where everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere! It’s nice, but then in a sense when you need something done and they’re always on vacation, it stinks!
  4. Location. I absolutely love that we are pretty central Europe. I have been able to travel and see quite a few other places on the cheap!
  5. Pastries. Duh! You thought I was going to leave them out, didn’t you? They are fabulous. And if you find a boulangerie (bakery) that makes a good baguette, oh man they are to die for! Oh and the choux – oh my goodness, I could have one every day!

Since I am doing a whole country it was kinda hard to narrow it down to just five photos! We have Cannes, Eze (all in the south), Parc Tête d’Or in Lyon, St. Etienne (where we live), and Paris — because you have to include Paris in France!

Beach in Cannes - Virtual Travel Tour - 5 Reasons to Visit FranceBeach in Cannes

Eze, France - Visit France - Top 5 Things About FranceEze in Southern France

Parc Tete d'or - France - Five Best Things about FranceParc Tête d’Or in Lyon

St Etienne - Virtual Travel Series - 5 things to love about FranceSt Etienne

Paris France - Top 5 Reasons to Visit FranceParis

Want to read more about Natalia’s life in France? Check out Ma Nouvelle Mode, where she blogs with her friend Christie about fashion, beauty, travel, and much more. You can also like Ma Nouvelle Mode on Facebook, or chat with Natalia on Twitter @MaNouvelleMode.

This post is a part of the Summer Vacation Tour, a virtual travel series hosted here on To ‘travel’ to other locations while I’m taking a brief break from blogging, click here. (Want to be featured in the future? Email me!)


3 thoughts on “TRAVEL :: France with Natalia: A Stop on the Summer Vacation Tour”

  1. I love to read views of Americans on Europe. I think we are more or less overwhelmed in the same sense when we visit the US. Great post! Off to check her blog!


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