HANDMADE :: An Update, and Plush Creatures (Bunnies & Monsters)

Aveline sititng in basket

Phew! What a week/weekend. Aveline caught a cold (her first! can you believe it?) so it’s been a series of firsts for me as well. I’ve never had my very own snotty nosed kid before. ;-) It’s been…interesting. And can I just tell you how amazing Hyland’s homeopathic cold medicine is? We’ve been giving her 1/2 dose as needed and it’s worked wonders. I highly recommend it.

Amidst this, I’ve been emailing x 1,000×000 working with Shanley and Shannon to launch the Spring/Resort design on the Nakate Project website. We’re so close now! Can’t wait to show you all.

Oh, and I’ve been sewing wee creatures as well. This plush bunny is in the shop now, and the out-of-control scribble monster was a test creature that Aveline’s claimed as her own. The less-scribbly, but still-wonky, plaid version is headed to France. Let’s just say the monsters have a mind of their own. The bunnies are so much more calm and cooperative! ;-)

Oaxacaborn - Bunny Plush - Stuffed Toy Bunny

Oaxacaborn-Calico Bunny Plush-Heart Hand Portrait

Oaxacaborn-Abominable Snowman yeti Plush Monster

Plaid Scribble Monster Plush - Oaxacaborn


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