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Monday’s Pretty Things :: Organized Spaces

I’ve got a fun[ny] post scheduled for Thursday’s Organization Inspiration Workshop. :-) Until then, let’s whet our appetites with a handful of amazing, and organized, spaces!

via Nordic Bliss - Jonas Bjerre Poulsen Danish Architect's Living Room
Books organized by color via the living room of Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Danish Architect as seen on Nordic Bliss

Books organized by color, wire baskets, and chalkboard via Rue Magazine Work Spaces Gallery
Chalkboard, wire baskets, and books via the Rue Magazine Work Spaces Gallery

via the new Tine K Home Spring Summer 2012 Collection as seen on decor8
White shelves and old books via the new Tine K Home Spring/Summer 2012 collection as seen on decor8

Australian House and Garden - White on white interior - Oversize Hinges on Closet - Wicker Baskets
Oversized hinges on white storage space via Australian House and Garden.

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