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LITTLE STYLE :: Aveline’s First Birthday – Handmade Felt Feather Birthday Crown, Stuffed Plush Toy Bunny, and Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Handmade felt feather crown - Feathered birthday crown

Aveline’s birthday yesterday was such a lot of fun! I can’t believe she’s a whole year old. We had a quiet little party for her, just Josiah and I, since our families are millions thousands of miles away — but it was joyous and beautiful and so full of laughter. (She even got to FaceTime and talk with both sets of grandparents!)

And can I just say I’m really happy with the way her feathered crown turned out? Even if the feathers did keep flopping over. I’m hoping to make a different birthday crown for her each year. My mom made us special birthday hats when we were little, and I thought it was the best thing ever.

What are your favorite birthday traditions — either from your childhood, or for your own children? I think it would be great to make a new handmade toy for her each birthday as well!

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Handmade Kawaii Plush Toy Creature

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - First taste of cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Close up of baby taking bite of cake

Oaxacaborn - Baby birthday cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Baby in highchair eating cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Cake Crumbs

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Pink first birthday candle

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Cake crumbs on IKEA Blames high chair tray

P.S. Here is the gluten-free chocolate cake recipe I used.


13 thoughts on “LITTLE STYLE :: Aveline’s First Birthday – Handmade Felt Feather Birthday Crown, Stuffed Plush Toy Bunny, and Gluten-free Chocolate Cake”

  1. Aww Happy Birthday Avaline. I hope it was a wonderful day.

    She looks so damn beautiful, her eyes are memorising. And that cake, well it looks delicious. xxx


  2. A google search for “blames highchair” led me here, can I just ask if you’re happy with your highchair? Pros & cons? I’m thinking of getting the same one for my 8 m.o. but can’t find much info on it from people who own it. Ta! :-)


    1. Hi Jacqueline! We absolutely LOVE our Blåmes high chair and would highly recommend it to anyone.

      PROS –
      -Looks: It’s beautiful, and looks like a piece of furniture rather than an ugly plastic baby item.
      -Size: It’s not bulky, and doesn’t get in the way. The tray is big enough for meals, and the base is sturdy, but not so big that people are tripping over it.
      -Harness: I like that it has the 3-point lap belt and not a 5-point harness, because then the straps don’t get covered in food.
      -Looks: It’s beautiful. Or did I say that already? ;)

      I don’t consider the following actual CONS, but some people might —
      -Tray: The tray is slightly difficult to snap in and out, and isn’t adjustable once you snap it in. I actually don’t even ever take it off, as the opening where the baby goes in/sits is the exact same size whether the tray is on or off. Personally, I think this is great. There’s nothing to adjust or fidget with! Super simple. Just pop the baby in, buckle, and you’re ready.
      -Seat: It’s roomy. My daughter is quite petite, so we usually roll up or fold up an old towel and place it behind her back when she’s in the chair. (See the blue plaid peeking out in some of the photos above?)

      And of course this isn’t an issue for you, since your child is 8 months old, but it’s definitely designed for babies who can sit up on their own already.

      Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you!


      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I appreciate it.

        You’re right, it looks great. I have spent time decorating my house and I don’t want some big awful plastic highchair in the middle of my kitchen! :-)
        Unfortunately my nearest Ikea is 3.5hr drive away so I can’t just pop there to try it out first, a friend is getting it for me.

        Thanks again. (I’m all the way in Australia – lucky Ikea is universal!)

        PS: Love your etsy store too!


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