Monday's Pretty Things

Monday’s Pretty Things :: November Colors

Steve Thomas Lord of the Rings Travel Posters
Lord of the Rings Travel Posters (via Steve Thomas)

Don’t you wish the Shire was real?

Babiekins Magazine Page 177-8
Babiekins Magazine, Issue 7, Pages 178-188

I love the vest and necklace — both by Ouef — on the wee model on the left! Aveline needs a vest, yes? Let me get my crochet hook…

Vegan Chickpea Patty Ohdeardrea

Vegan Chickpea Patty Recipe (via Ohdeardrea)

Drea’s recipes are so good. Aveline and I have been devouring her ratatouille lately. These patties look delicious; I plan on making them right away. Now maybe if my brother tasted these, he’d stop referring to garbanzo beans as “one of those edible things in nature we should just ignore.”

Embroidered Quilted Silk Bracelet by BozenaWojtaszek on Etsy
Embroidered Quilted Silk Bracelet (via Bozena Wojtaszek on Etsy)

Such a beautiful bracelet, handmade in Poland.

Vintage Embroidered Pillow by Sukan on Etsy
Vintage Embroidered Pillow (via Sukan on Etsy)

If you want to get lost in a gorgeous treasure trove of textile goodness, browse the Sukan shop. I mean, there are 44 pages of amazing textiles like the pillow above! Pretty incredible. And a pretty fantastic place to do some procrastinating! ;-)


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