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I love you, my little Aveline Alenka

Aveline is amazed by the simplest things. I love that. Yesterday she was amazed because I pulled open the blind and let her look out the window. She stood there for the longest time, just taking it all in, softly jabbering away in her tiny (okay, it’s not always tiny) baby voice.

I love her to pieces. I love to scoop her up and kiss her all over her cheeks and forehead until her eyes crinkle shut and she giggles. I love the way her head smells, and the little microscopic curl she gets at the back of her head when she’s sweaty. I love her sticky little hands and her clammy toes.

Baby peeking out window - baby's shoulder and back of head

Baby hand on white windowsill

Yesterday, she stood up all by herself. Josiah and I looked over at her, and there she was, standing up on those fat little legs without holding on to anything. She wasn’t even wobbling, and acted like it was no big deal, like she didn’t even notice. Then she “jumped” up and down in that cute way babies jump — with her knees getting all bendy but her feet staying on the ground — she jumped three or four times before she plopped back down on her soft bum.

My wee girl, standing.

Aveline looking out window

I don’t know where the time has gone.

I do know that her laughter makes the world go round. I know that when she falls asleep in my arms at three in the morning, and I hear her tiny breaths rise and fall in between Josiah’s sleeping breaths, I am so happy my heart could burst. I know that I prayed for her, and I know God answered with a miracle. I know that she is a gift, and I hold her with open hands.

Baby peeking over top of windowsill

Aveline Alenka, my little babushka baby, I love you more than I can ever tell you.


10 thoughts on “I love you, my little Aveline Alenka”

  1. this is so sweet, gina. well written.
    congrats to aveline for standing up!
    i can picture her little wanna-be jump since i’ve watched my nephew do the same thing the past few weeks. he walks and even runs already but his jump is the big butt (wrapped in the diaper) going up and down while the feet stay grounded. he even does it lifting up his hands in the air when he’s really excited. :)


  2. Don’t you love being a parent? Love that you never knew you could have. I remember my mom telling me when I was younger that she loved me more than I loved her (not in a bad way). I didn’t get it then, but oh my gosh, now I do!! Words don’t describe how proud I am of my boys and my overwhelming love for them.


  3. tears……. She is absolutely adorable! They grow up all too fast, which is beautiful, wonderful and sad all at the same time. Barefoot mama, TX


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