Life in Photos

My wee miss is almost EIGHT months old!

Aveline stares before napping

My wee girl is growing up! I can’t believe Aveline’s just days away from turning 8 months old. Sitting on our laps, to her, means standing up on the couch next to us. She crawls like the wind, cruises along furniture, never stops climbing whatever she can get her little toes to cling to, and has even stood up on her own a handful of times (albeit for a fleeting moment).

Aveline eats oatmeal

She know’s we’re her mama and papa, and while she’s a constant chatterbox, she doesn’t usually address us by name unless she’s in dire need of something. Then she yells out “MA MA MA MA! PA PA!” while crawling toward us at breakneck spread.

Aveline feeds herself

I sure love you, wee miss!

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