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LITTLE STYLE :: Aveline’s Room (and her newest Felted Owl!)

Good morning! We’re way overdue for a little sneak peek at Aveline’s room, right? I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of it since we moved to Florida.

I recently won this adorable little handmade felted owl from a BlissFull Essence / Evenswood Owlbums giveaway. Isn’t he ridiculously cute?  I told Christine I’d send her photos of the little fellow in his new home, and I thought I’d share them with you as well.

We seem to be amassing a collection of owls, which I am totally okay with. (Remember the hand-appliqued owl onesie?)

Handmade Felted Owl from BlissFull Essence / Evenswood Owlbums (Urban Outfitters Plush Owlets in the background) - Oaxacaborn - Aveline's room

Here’s the little owl on top of Aveline’s dresser next to Lotta from Charlie and Lola and some Urban Outfitters Owlets (no longer in stock). I don’t remember where we purchased the plush lemur.

Aveline hasn’t officially moved into her room yet (her crib is still next to our bed), so her room doubles as a guest space. My mom handmade the gorgeous duvet cover you see below.

Oaxcaborn - Felted Owl in Aveline's room along with Charlie and Lola Lotta doll and Urban Outfitters plush owlets - sun shining through green curtains onto quilt

We love textiles and books around here! My mother-in-law made this beautiful quilt — you can usually find out on our living room floor with a little Aveline on top of it.

Felted Owl on stack of children's books on wooden chair with handmade quilt on back of chair-Oaxacaborn-Aveline's room
I’d love to see how you’ve decorated your little ones’ spaces — if you have a blog post about it, leave the link in the comments!

12 thoughts on “LITTLE STYLE :: Aveline’s Room (and her newest Felted Owl!)”

  1. What a sweet little owl collection. I was just thinking to myself, last night actually, I need to share Lucy’s nursery on my blog. Great minds think alike!


  2. So cute!! I love the quilt, it is beautiful. My Grandma collects owls and you just gave me an idea to send her one in the mail as a surprise from Miss Lizzy!


  3. Dear Gina, Your Aveline’s room is lovely with colorful patterns, cute owls and a delightful reminder of your dear mother’s talent. Her sewing and designing are near you daily as part of Aveline’s room! They are wonderful family touches of loving gifts that melt the miles.
    Thanks for sharing your dear one’s room, Gina.
    Gram Audrey


  4. very cute! i love owls too!!. i blogged on my old blog about it, which is private, but there are some pics of his room on flickr:

    have a lovely day!


  5. Hello from the UK! I stumbled across your lovely blog while trying desperately to replace a lost lotta doll – a much treasured toy that got lost on a day out, leaving my little 4 year old very sad. I’ve been googling lotta dolls like crazy and not found any for sale :( … please do let me know by reply comment if you either wish to sell yours or know of somewhere that still sells them! I know it’s an odd request but one as a mama I know you’ll understand!


    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry your little one has lost her Lotta!! :( I’m afraid we’d miss ours very much too. :( Unfortunately the place we bought ours ( is stating they’re unavailable and I’ve not seen them anywhere else, either. It’s a very long shot, but maybe you could actually write Lauren Child herself and see if she knows where they are currently being sold! I hope you find one soon — good luck!


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